“Life isn’t easy and it isn’t always fair but if we can make the most of what we’ve been given and find our way of doing things, you believe what can happen.”I chose this quote by Jim Abbott because it describes in two sentences, the lesson I learned reading this book.  The book I read is a collection of biographies titled Rising Above, by Gregory Zuckerman.

Dwayne Wade, Steph Curry, Jim Abbott, Lebron James, and R.A. Dickey all have something in common.  Yes, they’re all athletes but even MORE admirable, are the difficulties they overcame to become famous players earning MILLIONS of dollars!

Did you know Lebron James’s mom sent him to live with his coach at only 9 years old?!

Did you know R.A. Dickey is missing a main ligament in his arm?!

Did you know Jim Abbott pitched a no-hitter with only ONE hand?!

Parents addicted to drugs, parents who were in jail, physical abuse, growing up in poverty, AND being born without a HAND are just a FEW of the hardships these players overcame to become national stars!

I LOVED this book! It is amazing to read about the obstacles these athletes faced.  I NEVER knew just how STRONG these sports stars were until I read this book.  It made me realize how much any of us can accomplish when we set our heart on it.

Keyan, Finn, Anthony, and Dominick you would really like this book too.  It is a great read for ANYONE who loves sports and ANYONE who loves to see people beat the odds!