About Baseball Scores

November 1, 2009


Baseball is the national game of America and all things, however small it maybe, linked to the game attract the attention of its supporters. Statistics is given prominence in baseball play.  This fact is confirmed by its history. It is worth your while to delve into the reasons behind the popularity of keeping baseball scores.

The story begins in 1800s, the humble beginnings of the sport. It is a practice maintained till present day. It will keep you occupied throughout a game and give you the feeling that you are a part of the game itself. Further, keeping a record of baseball scores of every game you attend and preserving each score card will come in useful to you in the years to come. Moreover, it is fun and interesting.

There is an authorized scorer but a lot of enthusiasts engage in scoring for fun. The former keeps track of every detail of a game whereas the latter may not go for all the details in it. Baseball scores are done using some abbreviations but there is no set rules about it. Several signs, numbers and letters are employed in this connection. Modifications could be done to the formats and score sheets, but the most important thing is to maintain the accuracy of baseball scores so kept.

Internet is a source of every requirement in baseball scorekeeping. It has online step by step tutorials as well as downloadable instructions to initiate the novice. For official scorers, score books are available online for purchase. For amateurs too, there are sites which offer free downloadable score cards for baseball scores. It may be daunting to master the abbreviations and argot that are used in baseball scorekeeping.

Normally, 2 score cards are utilized for a game, one for the visiting team and another for the home team. Separate spaces are earmarked for game information, game totals and player information on these score cards. Provisions have been made to record every run, hit, steal, out and even pitch. However, with the advent of high tech electronic scoreboards in pro baseball, baseball scorekeeping seems to be fast loosing grounds as an art.. Still for all, you may see an odd person, with pencil and paper in hand, keeping track of baseball scores in the ballpark

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