Angels Baseball – An Introduction

October 28, 2009


Los Angeles, the largest city in the state of California and home to almost 13 million people, rich in fashion, business, media and science, is nicknamed ‘The City of Angels’. ‘The Angels’ it is that once made this city very proud; California’s baseball team. As a member of the Western Division of Major Baseball’s American League, Angel baseball team have been based in Angel Stadium of Anaheim since 1966. They are still one of the biggest and popular baseball teams in USA and with their long history they are one of the oldest as well.

Angels baseball team symbol the letter ‘A’ with a circle on top giving it an angelic look is very popular among almost every sports lover in USA. Their first year of major league started with a bang of 70-91. No other team in the history of baseball has ever been able to achieve that. That alone will give an idea of how much money and interest has been put in to the team. Lead by former player Nolan Ryan Angels are considered as strikeout masters.

Until they moved to Anaheim in 1965 they were known as ‘Los Angeles Angels’. In 1965 team ownership announced the Los Angeles Angels would henceforth be known as the California Angels. San Gabriel and Santa Ana mountains used to enhance their newly taken over stadium, Anaheim. Yet with more and more construction been done in the stadium it has become a typical modern stadium.

In 1982 postseason and 1986 postseason, the Angels were very close to win the World Series, and were just one strike away .So Angels baseball underwent a decade of frustration without being able to give the final punch although they could be happy with the performances. The 90’s on the otherhand became a decade that all Angels baseball supporters would like to forget. The team lost many important individuals to murders and suicides; their bus met with an accident injuring many of their players and it was bad news all the way. It was even said that some sort of a curse has been put in the team. Many believed that the Angels baseball stadium was under a curse because it was built on an ancient Indian burial ground. In 1996 in hope of rescuing the Angels baseball, the Walt Disney Inc took complete control over Angels. Up until then, they were sharing the ownership with a few other companies but with Disney’s involvement, The Angels baseball team had to be renamed as Anaheim Angels. This is something that was largely opposed by fans however; the Angels had no choice but to move forward. In 2002 they won their first world title. But later Disney sold Angels to Angels baseball and the team is now called as Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Still after many years the legendary Angels are right up there with the best. Without doubt Angels baseball have paved a path to legend. Keeping up-to-date with Angels baseball and their history should not be a problem with many websites providing enough information about the team.

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