Baseball Gloves For Kids

June 9, 2009


Scott White asked:

You are standing in a sports store, looking at the display of baseball gloves. Different colors, leathers, name brands and designs meet your eye as you glaze over. Where to start?

Let’s start with an easy question: do you catch with your right hand or left? I catch with my left and throw with my right, so I am looking for a form-fitting baseball glove for my left hand. It shouldn’t feel loose enough to fall off, nor should it be so tight I would have to really pull to remove it. Once you’ve determined the hand your baseball glove is for you can work with more specific guidelines.

There are baseball gloves available for different positions, for example a catcher’s glove is different from an outfielder’s glove. It’s possible you’re just buying a couple of gloves to play some backyard catch with your kids, in which case you don’t need to get specific. That also brings up another key point: price. As with most things in this world there is a large price range for baseball gloves that ranges from around $20 to $200 and beyond. For a game of catch you might want to spend a little less than you would for a glove being used in game situations. Children are more likely to outgrow their gloves as they get older, so you want to spend accordingly keeping in mind that next year probably means a new baseball glove.

Along with the practical you have some creative choices when buying a glove. Colors, brands, fit all available for your personal preference. Gloves come in all colors from black to red, different shades of brown, and some navy. The traditional glove is brown, however some people might like to express themselves with different colors while catching and throwing like a pro. There are powerful sports brands in stores today, but perhaps you’d rather pick a glove that is personally endorsed by a professional player. Kids often pick sports figures as personal heroes, for them to play with a glove adorned with their favorite player’s signature could have great meaning to them.

Lastly there’s the way the glove fits you. As you slide your hand in you want it to feel molded with your fingers. You should be able to open and close your hand while wearing the baseball glove; however you do want a little bit of stiffness. Punch your free hand into the glove while you’re wearing it; get a feel for the easiness of grip you will have while wearing it. Make sure you’re its not going to fly off your hand if you swing your arm.

Baseball is a great sport, and choosing the best baseball gloves are a very important piece of the equipment. Good luck with your search!

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