Baseball Hall of Fame – A Quick Read

October 28, 2009


The National Baseball Hall of Fame of the United States of America is a collection of memorabilia relating to players, officials, executives and other individuals who have contributed great things to the game over the years. This is a sanctuary for baseball fans to delve into the history of the game and understand its evolution over the decades gone by.

The Baseball Hall of Fame is set up in the form of a museum at 25, Main Street, Cooperstown, New York. This museum consisting of three floors provides the devoted baseball fan as well as the tourist who knows nothing about baseball both perspective and knowledge on the history of the game, its flag bearers and highlights. Further, the hall provides extensive insight into the origins of baseball and how the game evolved into a national sport. Educational guides, tours, movies and other material is available for eager fans, kids and tourists alike to find out all they need to know about baseball.

The museum also organizes various events that involve players, officials, museum staff and fans alike. These events provide the opportunity for fans to meet players and to hear their stories on and off the field first hand.

The Baseball Hall of Fame was dedicated by Lee Ferrick Andrews in 1939. During the great depression this was seen as a valuable business opportunity to attract more tourists in to Cooperstown. The museum drew interest both from within the state as well as throughout the entire nation. Soon visitors from around the globe made their way to Cooperstown to experience the Baseball Hall of Fame first hand. The museum is now graced by approximately 350,000 visitors every year and boasts an artifact base of over 35,000 and over 2.6 million library items.

Players are elected to the hall of fame by the Baseball Writers Association of America or the Veterans Committee. The rules for election of players into the hall have changed in order to accommodate the changing dynamics of the game over a period of time. Players who make it to the hall of fame have the opportunity of having their names written in the annals of history, where their feats and contributions to the game will be remembered for all of time.

Baseball has been an essential part of American lives over the years gone by. Those who love the game and those who want to learn more about baseball will find sanctuary within these great walls of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

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