Baseball Rules – A Simple Guide

November 1, 2009


It is a fact that since 1845 the official baseball rules have kept changing with each passing year. In fact, the changes, over the years, have been very few and far between, thus making the baseball rules seem static, which in turn has made it appealing to fans who are keen on following the evolution of the game. So, unlike any other sport in the world, this game has a very rich history.

Baseball is the National Game of the USA. Over the years, it has spread far and wide and gained recognition as an international game played in well over 100 countries in the world. The observance of the baseball rules not only by players but by managers, umpires, administrative officers and coaches alike will help maintain a healthy and steady growth of the popularity of this interesting team game.

Baseball is played between two teams of nine players each in an enclosed field with four bases. Whichever team that scores more runs than its opponent is declared winner. A batter hits the ball and runs from base to base, touching them. A player is deemed to have scored a run lawfully when he finishes his running through the 4 bases without being ‘out’. There are 9 innings in a standard baseball game, with each innings having 6 outs; three for each team. But it may not be unusual to see fewer innings played by some leagues. In accordance with the baseball rules, minimum of one umpire should be available in a game of baseball. Usually, the number of umpires in major league matches is four and this may extend up to six in accordance with the importance of the game and the league playing.

All professional play in the USA and Canada are governed by the official baseball rules. All professional play in the USA and Canada are governed by the official baseball rules.  The Internet as well as books have all these official baseball rules in black and white.  Getting the hang of the baseball rules is not as difficult as it appears.  But, the beauty of the game lies in analysing and predicting the possible game plan and strategy of the opponent judging by their moves and activity.

Basically, baseball rules can be split into four sections. They are: the playing field, pitching and hitting, outs and structure of the baseball game.  Getting yourself familiar with the above-mentioned basic baseball rules will not pose you a problem if you put your heart and soul into it.

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