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May 23, 2009


The baseball bat has been in use for hundreds of years. It is to be expected then, that like other pieces of sporting equipment, the baseball bat has evolved over time to take its present form.

.In the early days of baseball, the batters had to either make their own baseball bat out of wagon wood or get someone else to make it. Even though players quickly discovered that a round baseball bat was the most effective, they all used bats of different sizes. Without any rules to determine how big the bat should be, baseball began to be easier for batters and much more difficult for pitchers, so guidelines were put in place. The guidelines mentioned how long and broad the baseball bat could be and specified that the end of the bad had to be round and not flat.

Even now, players can choose between several different sizes and weights for their baseball bat as long as it’s allowed in their league. (The different leagues have different guidelines on what kind of bat is allowed.)

When choosing a baseball bat, there are several factors that need to be taken into account. The first is his skill level and what level he plays at. Comfort is very important, so the batter’s size is an important measure. The next factor is obviously the price, including how much use the player will get out of it, as younger players may need to graduate to heavier bats with time. A baseball bat can be matched to a player based on either his height or weight.

A baseball bat is measured using its length to weight ratio, which is a negative figure representing the comparison of a bat’s weight in ounces to its length in inches. Most leagues have limitations on the length to weight ratio of bats that can be used to keep players safe. This is because a lighter baseball bat in the hands of an older and bigger player could have too much power and potentially harm other players.

When purchasing a baseball bat, the batter should always check the regulations for his league, since the money spent would be wasted if it is against regulations. There is a trend to resort to buying high tech bats to compensate for a poor game. Unfortunately, there is actually very little difference between the performance levels of these bats and even then it takes a good player to bring out the difference. So while bats change with time, the important thing is to enjoy the game.

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