Emmas Easy Ideas To Abide By While You Are Shopping For A Batting Cage Net

October 17, 2009


Each batting cage needs a net to catch the balls that are hit.  There are some things you will need to consider when deciding which batting cage net will best suit your wishes.  Some of the things to take a look at when purchasing a batting cage net are knots, mesh, and color.  This article contains information that can make it easier to buy a batting cage net that may meet your needs.   

One thing to look at when buying a batting cage net it the kind of knots that are utilized in its construction.  Some batting cage nets will use a braided knot while others will use a twisted knot.  Nets which are assembled using twisted knots are sometimes tougher while styles made using braided knots are less vulnerable to abrasions.  The mesh is another significant thing to take a look at when buying a batting cage net.  Most batting cage nets will have holes of almost 1.75 inches in diameter.  This is a good size to contain the baseball.  If you will be using the batting cage net with smaller balls, such as balls, you will need a net with a smaller diameter mesh.   

Batting cage nets can be discovered in a selection of colors.  The best choice in most circumstances is a batting cage net which is dyed black.  These will keep their color for a longer time period and will be more resistant to damage from UV rays.  It is also good to think about the strength of the batting cage net.  It makes sense to buy the strongest net that your budget will allow.  They’re sometimes a raised value since they’ll go on longer than weaker nets.  When purchasing a batting cage net you might also want to consider getting a baffle net to give protection to the area behind the strike sector. 

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