Fantasy Baseball

November 7, 2009


In the fantasy sports world, fantasy baseball clinches a unique position. Stats of the real-world players are used as a basis for the game. As the name itself suggests, fantasy baseball players manage make-believe teams where they rely on the actual players’ performance to carry on with their game. Baseball being the national game of the United States of America, it is natural that many Americans take a lot of interest in the fantasy game too.

Winning a championship is the main objective of a fantasy sport. This is true in the case of fantasy baseball too. The best way to go about playing it is to get prepared well in advance of the beginning of the season by making yourself familiar with all the information about baseball players and their statistics. Joining a public league or setting one up, you can go ahead with having fun. Then, as you wish you can have a live draft or an automatic draft. It is advantageous to go for a live draft where you can have you own say in selecting the players.

Then you come to setting you player rankings. Though it is set to a default ranking, you can change it according to what you think where the player stands going by his statistics. Though previous years’ rankings are normally used to do this, you can fall back on two year and three year trends as well as projected stats for the next season. Since the rankings are thought to mirror how important you consider a player is to your team in fantasy baseball, you should take utmost care in working out the rankings.

It is absolutely essential that you should keep in mind that fantasy baseball involves a lot of analysis, thinking and strategy. At the same time, it is all about statistics. So, mixing these ingredients with a pinch of some luck on the draft day will certainly help you rope in the most ideal team for your fantasy baseball game. But take care in heeding to the recommendations of the professionals on rankings as they sometimes put a little too much into their advice. So, use your common sense in arriving at a final decision on the formation of your team.

Fantasy baseball is entertaining whilst being competitive. Hence, make certain that you draft sagely to come out with flying colors.

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