Guide to Babe Ruth’s Baseball Memorabilia

April 6, 2009


Joseph Baylon asked:

Baseball is the number one sport that has captured the hearts of Americans, both young and old. That is the reason why baseball memorabilia is also popular and in-demand in the country. Nearly all the things that baseball athletes use in and out of the field have fetched a considerable amount of money, especially those that have been used by baseball legends like Baseball Hall of Famer Babe Ruth.

For many baseball fanatics, money is not an issue. They are willing to pay a huge amount of money for rare mementos and collectibles like bats, signed pictures and baseballs. Most of their collections are also well guarded and increase in value through time.

Top collectors seek after baseball memorabilia left by Babe Ruth because the man is a legend. Anywhere he was placed, he consistently showed his baseball prowess, both as a pitcher and batter. He made and broke his own homerun and other records several times during the span of his long baseball career. This bambino is considered one of the best, if not the best, baseball player of all time.

Babe Ruth’s Rare Baseball Memorabilia

The most expensive baseball bat sold in an auction in the history of the country was the one that Babe Ruth used to score a homerun in the first-ever game played in the Yankee Stadium in New York. The old wooden bat, which was remarkably preserved, was bought by an anonymous collector on December 2, 2006 for almost $1.3 million, approximately half the money spent in building the said Yankee Stadium. According to the representative of the buyer, their party was willing to spend more than $1.3m for the said bat.

Another baseball memento that fetched quite high selling price is an autographed bat that Babe Ruth used in one of his games. This particular bat was acquired in an auction for around $216,000. Antique autographed bats are very expensive because they are very rare. Since bats used before were wooden bats, they were easy to break and smash. Thus, only a number of used wooden bats of popular players are preserved nowadays.

Signed baseball memorabilia are abundant in the market. You can find autographed baseball caps, bats, balls, jersey and many others on the Internet and other auction sites. However, it is more difficult to encounter genuine signed checks, contracts, documents and letters. Signed pictures are also rare. These items will surely increase in value in the future, especially if you are talking about baseball memorabilia of the legendary Babe Ruth.

Affordable Babe Ruth baseball memorabilia

If you are just interested in baseball collectibles but are not really concerned too much on amassing money in the process, then you can opt to collect inexpensive baseball mementos, such as photos, pins, trading cards and framed copy of the Curse of Bambino contract. You will not find it very difficult to find these reasonably priced baseball souvenirs in sports hobby shops and the Internet. There are hundreds of web-based auction houses that you can chose from.

Be wary of fake baseball memorabilia

Since the demand for baseball memorabilia, especially from Babe Ruth, is very high but the supply is very low, many unscrupulous individuals are preying on the inexperienced collectors. In order to prevent being conned, you ought to buy from legitimate dealers, especially if a huge amount of money is at stake. For autographs and signed documents, you should also contract the services of experts to authenticate your baseball memorabilia.

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