How to Win Your Fantasy Baseball League

April 4, 2009


Anthony Wayne asked:

Pittsburgh – Its editors describe it as: “so close to the action you might get spit on.” And, from the first read, I can see why that’s absolutely true., a new fantasy baseball tips site owned by Saint Davids, Pennsylvania-based Olympic SEO, is the brainchild of Bob “BallparkBob” Bentz and his nephew Jonathan “BatBoy BeeZee” Bentz. The two men share a love for fantasy baseball and, quite frankly, got bored with winning their respective leagues each season.

BallparkBob, who started playing fantasy baseball in college in 1980 when it was still called “Rotisserie Baseball,” claims to have won his fantasy baseball league 19 of the past 28 seasons, including nine in a row at one stretch. BallparkBob, who is often mistaken for Cleveland Indians’ pitcher Paul Byrd, said that his goal is to spread the word about winning fantasy baseball leagues. “There’s a lot of bad fantasy baseball players out there,” said BallparkBob, “but, it’s the ones who do the research that should win. That’s where Fantasy Baseball Dugout comes in.”

BatBoy BeeZee has similar ideas for Fantasy Baseball Dugout. “A lot of fantasy baseball websites are overwhelming for first time players, because the game is very driven by statistics.” Every website has injury information, statistics, mock drafts and trade analysis, “but our site has news and research players with all levels of experience can use.”

When I first reviewed Fantasy Baseball Dugout, I was impressed by the amount of information that they had on the site in such a short amount of time. The site is also not just a statistics-laden one, but offers player profiles and player projections. It offers inside information that is far more topical than what you’ll find in the fantasy baseball preview magazines. It’s a site that a pure baseball fan would also enjoy reading and learning about the MLB.

“A lot of websites also fail to pay attention to fantasy baseball players who use auction formats for drafts, but we haven’t forgotten about them, either,” said BeeZee.

Fantasy Baseball Dugout offers free fantasy baseball advice, but it does hope to capitalize on its baseball fan traffic by selling advertising. The site already has secured advertising from a discount baseball equipment company, a ticket broker, and even a dating site promoting sexy women. Hey, I guess fantasy baseball nerds need love too.

When asked what are the most important fantasy baseball tip that he could give me, BallparkBob responded by saying: “draft more closers than your competition—saves is the easiest category to win. Don’t ever pick a player just because he’s on your favorite team or is one of your favorite players. And, don’t ever go to a game and tell a major leaguer during BP that he’s on your fantasy baseball team. He doesn’t care.”

“Hey Pat Burrell, you’re on my fantasy team!”

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