Is it Possible to Get Baseball Collectibles on Your Own?

April 5, 2009


Jimmy Spier asked:

If you’re an avid sports fan and baseball enthusiast in particular, you may have fun trying to secure a large portion of your baseball collectibles yourself instead of buying them. If autographed baseballs appeal to you, then you have the chance to try to get your favorite team member to sign off on it if you get to the game early when the players are warming up.

There’s no guarantee he’ll sign it, which can be a bit of a disappointment when you can just picture the keepsake sitting among the rest of your baseball collectibles. You might try to find sports card shows where many current and living ex-players go to sign autographs for the masses. Some fans even write letters to their favorite teams, begging for an autographed ball or card, even phoning in their requests just to make sure they get heard.

If you’re obtaining baseball collectibles as an investment, then you’ll want to try to get autographs from the top players on the team. If you mail a baseball in care of the team and address it to a particular player, you’re more likely to get your request met than if you simply asked them to mail you a baseball of their own.

Some baseball players will sign a baseball or other keepsake with their autograph only if you pay them a fee to do so. You have to decide if this is a worthy investment depending on which memorabilia you feel is going to be a valued addition to your baseball collectibles.

If you want an autograph, don’t just send the memorabilia, but everything they’ll need to get the item returned to you. Send a Bic ballpoint pen with the item. You want to make everything as easy as possible so your request is answered with a positive response.

If you want the item back to shelve with your other baseball collectibles, then it’s a wise idea to include postage with your request. Even better is to have a return envelop with postage already applied and your return mailing address neatly written so that it doesn’t get lost and wind up in someone else’s memorabilia.

Players know that their autograph is valuable – whether it’s as a monetary investment or because you’re a fan of the game. So if you’re asking them to add to your baseball collectibles, make sure you add a compliment and thank them ahead of time.

To send off for your personalized baseball keepsakes, get the players’ addresses from The Baseball Collector’s Handbook, which has many tips on mailing off for your own baseball collectibles. Even though many will accommodate your request, some players won’t respond, so for those, you’ll need to seek out the memorabilia you want and purchase it from a reputable online dealer.

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