Joe Dimaggio Baseball Memorabilia: an Abc for the New Collector

April 21, 2009


Joseph Baylon asked:

For most baseball fans, the excitement derived from the sport is simply all about the love for the game. But for the really passionate baseball enthusiast, collecting baseball memorabilia is the thing that makes the sport a worthwhile enterprise instead of just a favorite pastime. No wonder then that collecting baseball memorabilia has evolved into a multi-million dollar pursuit; an investment if you must.

In the field of collecting baseball memorabilia, few names in baseball can be called hot items or choice picks. And among the top names that most collectors try to get their hands on is Joe DiMaggio. He was and still is one of the most revered and popular players of the sport. An inducted member of the baseball Hall Of Fame, he had set records in baseball during his time, some of which are still impressive even at present standards and have yet to be broken by the new generation of sluggers.

If you plan to collect Joe DiMaggio baseball memorabilia, always bear in mind that the condition of each piece of memorabilia is the most important factor to consider. Rare Joe DiMaggio pieces that have been neglected over the years or, worse, pieces that are bogus will be greatly devalued, if not found totally good-for-nothing. Therefore, always be on your toes when buying Joe DiMaggio baseball memorabilia; remember counterfeiters abound in the field of baseball memorabilia collecting.

Before you start buying Joe DiMaggio baseball memorabilia, it is a good idea learn the basic grading systems used for valuing baseball collectibles. It is only through this standard grading system that you can decide if a Joe DiMaggio baseball memorabilia is worth keeping or not. This grading system will also determine the price of your Joe DiMaggio baseball memorabilia.

For instance, keep in mind that a bat actually used by Joe DiMaggio in a game will not have the same appraised value compared to the same item issued for display intentions only. A ball that has Joe DiMaggio’s signature on it will be valued based on the quality of the item and, of course, the clarity of the signature. Needless to say, for all signed collectibles, the authenticity of Joe DiMaggio’s signature is the most important factor to consider in putting value to the particular item. The rareness of the item is also given weight as to how much a Joe DiMaggio baseball merchandise is worth.

Joe DiMaggio baseball cards are among the most common memorabilia items bought and sold in the baseball souvenir market. Unfortunately, baseball cards can be the most delicate type of baseball memorabilia. Proper care must be ensured to preserve the priceless value of Joe DiMaggio baseball cards. Always remember to keep rare Joe DiMaggio cards away from wet surfaces; keeping your cards in plastic sleeves away from light may keep Joe DiMaggio’s image good as new.

Surely, even for some people who are not fervent believers of baseball, collecting baseball memorabilia can be a great source of amusement and, yes, investment return. At the very least, the feeling of being in the company of avid fans who have mountains of baseball collectibles and stories can be magnificent, if not depictive of a true American tradition. So it is always a good idea to have a stash of baseball memorabilia; and your collection can not be any good unless you have Joe DiMaggio baseball memorabilia.

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