New York is the Hometown of Baseball

June 13, 2009


Jimmy Spier asked:

True It that football, the basketball and hockey have their ventilators, but the year of sports starts in February and ends in October – preferably at the end of October. And even during the others three and one half of month, the hot league of furnace consumes the conscience of the city , to eclipse even Voyage out of jet and the final of giants functions.

This love for the play of the baseball again dates all the manners at the 19th century like the baseball was played in the whole of New York in its forms earlier. The birth of the national league in 1876 thereafter brought the city embusqués of Brooklyn and to the giants of New York and when the American store of installation of league in 1901, the store of installation of New York Yankees soon.

Enracinant itself for a team of baseball in the wasn’t of New York on the subject which team was better, it was an absolute merit of the ancestors. Populate were constant in a base of ventilator and there was no side of commutation. Because the Yankees was established, their ventilators came from Bronx and also attracted the visitor and the tourists of corporation.

Embusqués and the giants were different. The working class, the blue ventilators of collar in first half of the 20th century tended to support one of the two national teams of league. The giant ventilators were generally of Manhattan, whereas the largest city of the city their had embusqués liked. Just like the system of class of the 19th century early, which broke up people by nationality and religion, new Yorkers were identified with the teams which they followed.

The best example of that came in 1951, where embusqués and the giants finished attached after the season of 154 plays. A final of three plays was ordered by the national league, which culminated with the projectile of The heard around the world by Giants ‘ police Thompson. The ventilators fought with one the other and until it with embusqué old man of Brooklyn of day the ventilators always smell the pain.

After the giant victory, they proceeded to be swept by the Yankees, who had a young person and endowed coat with Mickey in the outfields.

Embusqués had their day in 1955, giving to Brooklyn their only championship, but the days of the boys of the summer finished two years after when the tramps and the giants picked up and left for the Western coast.

With only one team downtown, the ventilators of embusqués and the left giants did not support the Yankees, rather they followed their teams by far or ceased observing all together. Only when New York Mets were formed in 1962, the latter threw the new lucky find of Yorkers a team made.

Just like the their predecessors, Amazins ‘ was quickly established as equips with the people . Although they were moved, the ventilators were assembled with the old men on the ground of sports shirt stage – and thereafter of bassy – to observe the Mets and the root against embusqués and the giants when they inherited the city.

The Yankees, while waiting, just continued the profit. Champions in 1961 and 1962, they lost traditional autumn the two years to come. Then the bottom fell. They finished close to the bottom or last the remainder of the decade, because the team aged and the powerful system of farm disappeared sterile.

That gave to the Mets astonishing a chance to take the city. And in 1969 they gained the series of the world against the insurmountable chance. Carried out by young jugs love Tom Seaver and Jerry Koosman, the Mets miracle gained their first the surplus of the series 4-1 Baltimore Orioles.

They remained in the controversy during the seven years to come, but never obtained again with the top.

The Yankees resurged after George Steinbrenner bought the team and by the free agency built the 1977 and 1978 champions. But the hands of the Boss to the approach thereafter cost these bombers due to too many bad movements.

While the Yankees went down, the Mets returned and in 1986 the series gained still, leaf red Boston Sox in seven plays. Just like the team of a front generation, these Mets were competing until 1991, but never gained the great play.

But like front, when the Mets faded, the Yankees came to the first rank. This time gaining four crowns in five years (1996, 1998-2000). With the difference of the teams passed, these bombers were built of in inside, whereas merry-gathering the other talent by the free agency and trade. Carried out by future Hall of Famers Derek To throw and Mariano Will rivet, the bombers remain a force in the American league.

The Mets appreciated a reappearance in 1999 pennies the police officer discussed Valentine of director and the attrapor Mike Piazza. They even went to the series in 2000, only to lose at the city transversely Yankees. Then, after five years of mediocrity, the Mets returned in 2006 behind young people holds the first role David Wright and Jose Reyes and was a strike far from the series of the world, losing with the unquestionable cardinals of St Louis of champion in seven plays.

What makes the baseball in single New York is nowadays the competition between the Mets and the Yankees. The play of didn’ T of teams in plays of not-exposure until 1997 and the series of underground is the climax of each season. The bassy and the stages of Yankee obtain a mixed but comprised crowd when the two teams are played. Because joined together and Yankee ventilates the root for their teams, you can hear sings for the two clubs in the two directions for each nine turn of beater.

And that with the difference in any other sport in the city. There the plays of hockey tend to have accesses plus violent one in the stands, whereas plays between Knicks and of the nets and Voyagent out of jet counters giants that matches could be played anywhere, since the isn’t right of intensity in the comparison.

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