Top Picks in Baseball Collectibles

April 28, 2009


Jimmy Spier asked:

Is someone in your family a fan of baseball collectibles? Or maybe you, yourself, have an affinity for amassing large quantities of memorabilia from America’s favorite past times.

There are several different types of keepsakes you can acquire to add to your baseball collectibles. One item that will put a big smile on any fan’s face is an autographed baseball. A ball that was held by an icon has special meaning for those who look up to him.

Another road you can take in adding to a fan’s baseball collectibles is giving them baseball cards. Some fans like to invest in packs of trading cards, while others will appreciate an autographed card of vintage value.

Dating back to the 1950s, bobble head dolls have been a popular baseball collectibles addition. Now, they’re mass-produced, but there are many bobble head dolls that were limited in quantity, making them more valuable.

Sports equipment is also now a hot commodity with baseball collectible enthusiasts. If you’re able to get an autographed baseball bat from a beloved player of the game, it’ll be a big hit with any avid fan.

While we’ve primarily focused on the items themselves, don’t forget about getting your hands on the best guides to baseball collectibles. This is a treasure because it helps the fan acquire items that not only have the most sentimental value, but also the best potential for a financial investment.

Barry Halper’s Collection of Baseball Memorabilia details the 2,500 plus collectibles that were sold through the famed auction house Sotheby’s. It includes photos of the rare baseball collectibles from Barry Halper’s stash of fan favorites.

Another great choice to help aficionados of America’s favorite past time learn all about the finest memorabilia available for this sport is the Beckett Almanac of Baseball Cards and Collectibles.

Guides like these will help novice and seasoned collectors alike learn the value of memorabilia before they invest. And it also helps them determine the value of their own collection so that they don’t inadvertently get rid of something that may turn out to be a rare find and worth far more than the price they originally paid.

You probably won’t go wrong getting a fan any sort of addition for their baseball collectibles. People who love the game can never have too many of any one keepsake and having double of something is often a blessing because it means they have the luxury of trading one of the pair for something they don’t yet have.

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