Transform Your Hitting Stroke With Our Baseball Hitting Tips

July 27, 2009


Hitting for power has always been associated with the big strong player.But in our research, we have discovered it is not so much the size of the player, but rather the strength of his hands.


If strength needs to be improved, it is in the hands and wrists.Using your body is also important.From the biggest player to the smallest, if you use your body you will hit for more power and distance.Here, you would want to use your hips to begin, hands last, with a forceful snap action.  


It is imperative that the batter develops a quick pivot and quick hands.


Many young players never develop power because they are taught to just “meet the ball.” It’s a common phrase from baseball coaches. As a result, many hitters stop their hands during baseball hitting drills on contact and they never hit through the ball.


A hitter must be aggressive. Hitting is controlled aggression, while maintaining balance and control


Another problem young hitters have comes from watching baseball on TV.The top hand will go too early with pro players.Complete your stroke with two hands.This will aid in helping you become quicker through the zone.


Add to this the problem that many players are taught how to hit a baseball by getting their hands out over the plate on contact. Some times this is as a result of being taught incorrectly to get extension over the plate. Extension does not occur on contact, but rather after contact.When hitters try to extend on contact, it is like sawing wood, using too much arms and shoulders.This technique will not help you hit for more power.


In order to learn how to hit for power in baseball the hitter has to get his hands out in front of the body to contact the ball, with the top hand over the bat, and the bottom hand under the bat.The top hand is then like a hammer on contact.


Using the hands like this will increase bat speed at least 30-40% more than the arm swing. 


Baseball Hitting Tips:


  1. A strong body
  2. Quick hips
  3. Especially quick hands, out front on contact
  4. Hitting through the ball
  5. Being aggressive 

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