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May 21, 2009


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In a sea of baseball and softball training devices some of the oldies but goodies get lost among the flashier designs.  Thing is old ideas stick around because they work.  So no matter how amazing that new training aid appears chances are it’s a new take on an old design or in many cases an old design will work just as well.  Today I’m talking about weighted baseballs and softballs.  This product remained pretty much unchanged and that’s probably because it’s a simple idea.  Add weight to the ball and strengthen your arm.  Truth is though it’s a bit more complicated than that which in turn will make your workout more rewarding.

Weighted baseballs and softballs come in all sorts of colors and sets.  You can even buy them individually, which is nice if you lose one I guess.  Most people would look at this product and immediately say it’s a pitchers training device and to be honest that is who will benefit the most from using them but everyone on the field throws the ball so the entire team can actually use this product and get results.

In the past weighted ball sets seemed a little pricey.  I mean come on, all they are is heavier versions of the real thing.  In fact most of them sport synthetic leather covers which should really make them less expensive than their tournament quality counterparts.  They are a specialty item though and thus the higher price tag.  That doesn’t mean you have to break the bank though.

Here is what to look for.  First off buy a set.  You need to gradually increase the weight to ensure you do not injure your arm by quickly over doing it.  Second you should make sure you buy a color coded set.  If they are color coded after a few workouts you’ll remember which color is which weight and you’ll save time picking up each ball and trying to determine which is which.  Third get the largest set you can afford.  A more gradual increase in weight is the best way to utilize this type of product.

There is one more thing you should know before I show you the two sets I recommend.  Weight… how much does an official baseball weigh?… how about a softball?  This information is critical otherwise you won’t know what you’re doing.  Official 9″ baseballs weigh 5 ounces and official 12″ softballs weight 6.8 ounces.  Ok now you’re ready to shop. 

Allow me to point you in the right direction.  There are a couple of relatively new sets on the market that come affordably priced and fully loaded.  Let’s look at the baseball set first.

The Weighted Baseball Set to the left comes complete with 9 training balls weighing from 4 oz. To 12 oz. And a nylon carrying case for under $50.00.

To the right is a Weighted Softball Set that comes complete with 8 training balls weighing from 5 oz. To 12 oz. And a nylon carrying case for under $60.

Both of these sets are perfect for developing arm strength and more.  You’ll notice that each set comes with balls that are lighter than the official game balls.  You may ask how these help to develop arm strength.  That’s a good question.  Well they don’t.

What I mean is that the lighter weight balls are not used in the actual arm strengthening they are used to develop better throwing skills.  Once you have progressed with the heavier balls you use the lighter weight balls to develop better ball control.  The lighter weight makes them more sensitive to the way you hold and throw the ball.

So weighted baseballs and softballs offer a good training program for pitchers and fielders alike for an economical price.  They can be used to develop both arm strength and ball control. 

You can find a complete selection of weighted baseballs and softballs, including the two sets pictured above along with competitive pricing on all of your other athletic needs at www.morleyathletic.com.

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