Allen Iverson Does A Press Conference

October 7, 2009


If you are a fan of basketball then you have probably seen a lot of press conferences over the years. Its a time to recap about what just happened on the court. Allen Iverson decided to talk a lot about what did not happen on the court one time and it might be the most hilarious press conference ever given.

Allen was getting asked questions talking about how he missed practice and went off on a reporter. During the discussion he kept referencing the game that he gives his life for. Talking about practice was not his menu of things to do. The word practice was said 24 times.

Before the press conference Allen Iverson had a star player reputation. His numbers can back that up. Unfortunately when the world saw this video he gave himself a bunch of baggage. This stigma followed him through his next couple of stops after being traded from Philadelphia.

The Allen Iverson practice press conference taught us that if you talk about yourself instead of the team that the reporters are going to eat you alive. Reporters are always looking for stories like this and are not afraid to rip apart the star player. There was no real back lash from this but sports reporters around the nation like to throw in the “practice” blip here and there to poke fun at him. To protect his image, he made the Allen Iverson Reebok Practice¬†Commercial. To have fun with it, a popular DJ made the Allen Iverson Practice Remix.

While great players will be able to move on from some thing like this it should be lesson in how to conduct your self off of the court. You never know how people are going to take the things you say. Even the best basketball players in the world are going to be made fun of from what they say.

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