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July 30, 2009


Most people understand that increasing your jumping ability is one of the fastest ways to increase your performance in sports. Of course that includes sports that have a part in them that jumping adds to. In fact we would go as far to say that your ability to jump could be equivalent to your prowess in that sport. This article will look at the exercises you can perform to increase your vertical leaping ability.

Exercise 1 – Plyometrics
We will start off with a set of exercise referred to as plyometrics. This type of exercise is very effective in increasing the responsiveness of your fast twitch muscle ability which will allow you to be more explosive. One of the ways you can improve this exercise is to perform them in the sand. Keep in mind it will require a lot of jumping motion.

Exercise 2 – Squats
The next exercise we will look at are squats. One of the advantages of performing this exercise is that the motion will allow you to train more then one set of muscles at a time. The first goal with this exercise is to build your strength up to the point where you can squat your own body weight. This will not be your final goal but serves as a good starting point.

Exercise 3 – Explosive Jump Drills
This exercise is performed from a seating position. The motion involves exploding up from a seated position to a jump motion. By performing this exercise consistently you will train your muscle memory to get accustom to an explosive jump motion. Over time this will help you improve your jumping ability.

We have covered a few exercises in this article that can get you started on increasing your jumping ability. Keep in mind that these exercises in and of themselves will not be that effective without an action plan. Check out for more information on these typeof action plans/jump enhancement systems. When used in conjunction with an effective action plan they will lead you to making your leaping muscles stronger. Which in turn will help you jump higher which is the goal right?

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