How To Jump Higher

August 16, 2009


Most athletes are in search of a effective vertical jump training program. They want to add valuable inches to their vertical jump in order to increase their athletic performance. I have choosen several jumping exercises that are perfect for getting you to jump higher and I will cover them in this article.

To start to increasing vertical jump you want a workout that is made for learning to jump higher. Most programs out there are not made with vertical jump training as the main objective. Some exercises will build muscle strength but you need to focus on building fast twitch muscle in order to jump higher.

Doing box jumps are a perfect way to train your vertical jump. To do this exercise use a box that measures around 1 to 2 feet tall. Simply jump back and forth over the box from one side to the other. Now simply jump back over the top of the box to the opposite side.

Next on the list of jumping exercises that will help you to jump higher is rim jumps. All you need to perform this exercise is a basketball hoop. Place yourself in front of the rim and explode up as high as you can jump. When you land, explode back up and try to grab the rim. You will want to do around 8 reps of this exercises per set.

Finally, we come to jumping rop. Don’t underestimate the benefits of jumping rope. Because it involves quick jumps it is great for vertical jump training. It just requires a speed rope and it very easy to do.

These 3 exercises to jump higher are a great starting point for anyone looking to increase their vertical leap. The fast twitch muscle fibers are a big factor in vertical jumping so make sure you are gearing your training at them.

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