Improve Your Vertical Leap over Basketball Plyometrics

August 6, 2009


A training that needs not only muscle power but also brain power is call plyometrics. Basketball Plyometrics is a combination of response to neutral events followed immediately by a muscular contraction. It uses powerful muscular contraction as well as the brain’s nervous system.

Plyometrics began in the eastern countries then being called as jump training. Players who were noticed to be systematically standing out in sports have given plyometrics credits for their success.

Plyometrics was first used in the track and field training method in the 1920’s. And after five decades, Plyometrics was incorporated in any sports that benefited it including running, throwing, jumping and skipping.

Plyometrics start with loading which is the stretch of the muscle before the contraction. A powerful contraction equals to a faster and greater load. The best example for this is Plyometrics for Basketball. Basketball players creates a momentum before jumping and they can jump higher when they first take a few steps before jumping likened to their jump in a static position.

A player’s power can be greatly increased by Basketball Plyometrics that’s why more and more people are looking for trainings that involves this. Plyometrics enhances a player’s balance, power, coordination and acceleration thereby giving him more chances to leap higher and make a score. But it is also important to pay attention to the diet you’re taking.

Greater explosion of power can be ascribed to the amount of force being given and force can be attributed to the strenghth of the legs and core of the player – plyometrics will heighten all these.

Improvement on a players jump can be accomplished by practice jumping. Broad jumps, squat jumps and box jumps will heighten the brain’s nervous system to execute movements better. 

Flexibility can be attained in a variety of ways. You can try Yoga as it stretches the body beyond its normal capability. Basketball players need ankle, hips and hamstring exercises to increase their flexibility. Likewise, weight lifting also helps in the increase of the joints’ mobility.

Basketball Plyometrics skill training improves a player’s overall performance so if players want to improve their power they have to implement plyometrics into their training sessions. Not only has that, a designed nutritious diet, strength training, skill training and total body conditioning all contributes to an athlete’s overall abilities.

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