Jump Higher With Plyometric Training

August 2, 2009


Plyometric training is the little known secret that competitive athletes do not want you to know about, since it gives them an enormous advantage over their competitors. If you desire to increase your speed and explosiveness in movement, plyometric exercises are one of the few that are very effective. Even those who are not competitive athletes can benefit from plyometrics and greatly enhance their physical conditioning.

Weight training is good for developing your strength for your legs, but it does little in developing quick twitch muscles needed for explosiveness and quickness. Plyometric training involves jumping exercises that not only increases muscle strength, but speed and explosiveness. Plyometric exercise also develops other muscles besides the legs needed to jump higher.

Plyometric training exercises typically assist in the developing of quick twitch muscle fibers, which are important for explosive power and quickness. Even though the novice athlete do not use plyometric exercises, the competitive athletes have gained tremendous advantages with plyometric workouts.

There is a variety of exercises you can perform, jumping on and off an sturdy object is one example. This exercise can be repeated over and over again, but the purpose is to develop explosive power, and not endurance. Therefore, each rep or jump should attempt to jump as high as you can. As soon as your jump max is starting to decline because of fatigue, it is time to stop that exercise.

You should always adjust your plyometric exercises according to your goal and physical abilities. Novice athletes can get by with less number of reps and with less intensity. But when you exercise with intensity and at maximum effort, you will receive greater benefit from you plyometric training.

Do not over do it at first, listen to your body when you exercise. Take a break if your knees become achy or starting to fatigue. Allow your body to recuperate and rest. This will make your plyometric training effective and safe.

Plyometrics is one of the keys in learning how to jump higher. Practice these tips, and you will increase your vertical jump drastically.

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