March Madness & NCAA Men’s College Basketball Pays Big Money If You Can Pick The Final 4

March 29, 2009


Robert Walsh asked:


It is March. Spring is in the Air.  Basketball is on the brain. From President Obama to the little guy in the office at the end of the hall begin filling in their printable NCAA men’s basketball tournament brackets with their March Madness picks.

Each March, based on the college basketball rankings, the NCAA committee chooses 64 teams from best men’s basketball teams across the nation. UNC, UCLA, Ohio State, Kentucky, Purdue, University of Kansas, Gonzaga, and Duke basketball teams are some of the teams that return year after year.

NCAA March Madness wakes up the country from our winter’s hibernation.  Hope springs alive for colleges across the United States in the hearts of their students, faculty, alumni and fans that this year will be the year their team will reach the Final Four.   

Once the March Madness schedule is announced there are other groups of people who jump on this NCAA basketball tournament bandwagon. These folks hope to make and win money with their NCAA tournament picks. Professional Sports bookmakers offer to sell their NCAA tournament predictions to the less knowledgeable.

From Las Vegas to Atlantic City, from Wall Street to Main Street betting pools are created in hopes of winning some big cash.  Success comes to those who can out predict others with the name of that college basketball team that will take home the Championship Trophy.

Throughout the tournament investors make calculated investments based on the point spread that the professional odds makers decide for each game.  There are kinds of bets made based on points, fouls, quarterly scores, individual performances, team advancement, and a host of other possible money making wagers that can be found in the game of basketball.

Betting pools, at the office, at home, or at the local sports bar also create a lot of excitement that goes beyond the NCAA March Madness men’s basketball tournament itself.  Without any knowledge of the game of basketball, the rules of basketball, or even the players or schools’ name simply by being in one of these betting pools one can gain financial success with a monetary commitment.

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