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March 29, 2009


Scott Peterman asked:

Men’s Basketball HoopScoop is not your typical basketball coaching website site.  We have basketball coaching material for all levels.  We have material suited for junior high, high school, AAU, College and Professional basketball.  Men’s Basketball HoopScoop is a basketball coaching website that trades material with you.

Here is all that you have to do:  go to our website and click on the “Complete basketball inventory of basketball coaching ebooks”.  It is an inventory of individual basketball coaching clinic notes that we have.  Just email us and we will help you out.  We just ask that you trade materials with us.  We will help you more than you help us out.

We have basketball coaching materials from Offense, defense, special situations, zone offense, zone defense, shooting.  We have more materials than you could dream about.  We have stuff that has never been on the internet like NBA playbooks, Division 1 playbooks, high school playbooks.

Say that you want something on the newest craze:  Dribble Drive Motion Offense.  We have an ebook that has everything that has been written down or typed on the subject.  We also sell ebooks of our materials for you.  

Here is an example of what we have:

1-3-1 Offensive sets from Europe

Jerry Wainwright: Ideas about Practice

Merritt Island Basketball strength training program

Herb Brown: Defensive Information

Defensive Keys to Victory notes

Jay Monahan: Set Plays to beat Gimmick Defenses

Jay Monahan: Zone Set Plays

Jay Monahan: Set Plays

Jay Monahan: Box Set Plays

Nike Skill Academy Coaches Booklet from Europe 

Quin Synder: Missouri Offensive booklet

Basketball Drills 2

Wharton College Basketball Drills

Gene Evans: 2-3 Match-up Zone

Joe McKeown: George Washington Matchup zone

Jerry Tarkanian: Amoeba Defense (26 pages)

Dr. Tom Davis: 3-2 Flexible Zone defense notes

Don Meyer: Motivational sayings

Coach K: Defensive Booklet

Perry Clark: Tulane Transition Drills

Pete Carril: Spread Game

Pete Carril: Princeton offense booklet

Pete Carril: Motion concepts 

Larry Eustachy: Creating Mental Toughness

John Beilein: West Virginia Basketball Coaching Clinic Skill Booklet 2002 (Over 50 pages, it is a tremendous resource to take a look at)

John Beilein: Nike clinic at Cleveland OH 2002 and Michigan Practice 10-19-07 (Tremendous detail

Quin Synder: Missouri Defensive booklet with tremendous detail

Amoeba Defense article

Tony Barone: Scouting for professional teams (2 pages)

Leonard Hamilton: Defensive toughness (1 page)

Vance Walberg : Pepperdine Practice notes from 10-25-07 to 10-27-07 including actual practice plan.

Kevin Pigott: More Princeton offense notes 


Jimmy Tillette: Samford Practice notes

Andy Wood: Open Post Offense notes

Rick Samuel: Open Post Offense notes

Lason Perkins: Open Post Offense notes

Steve Smith: Oak Hill Defensive Drills and Conditioning Drills

Peter Lonergan: Developing Multi-skilled Young Players

Charlotte Bobcats set plays

Steve Alford: Breakdown Drills for Motion Offense

Kevin Eastman: Boston Celtics workout

Greg Popovich: Spurs Early Offense

Kevin Stallings: How to develop a Successful Basketball Program

Nate McMillan: Seattle Supersonics – How to defend Pick and Roll Defense

Mark Few: Gonzaga Playbook

North Carolina: Complete conditioning workouts

Strength and Conditioning workouts

Rick Pitino: Louisville Individual Workout 10-01-05

Kevin Stallings: Vanderbilt Practice 10-13-07 (great detail)

Kevin Stallings: Vanderbilt Practice 11-28-07 (great detail)

Lecanto High School Playbook (excellent playbook)

Phil Martelli: High Tempo Drills

Jerry Tarkanian: UNLV Running game

Jerry Tarkanian: Pressure Defense

Paul Hewitt: Georgia Tech Pressure Defense

Vance Walberg: Pepperdine Practices for 10-25-07 to 10-27-07 (I have to rewrite the notes so be patience. It didn’t turn out well on the Pdf file)

 Coach K: Duke motion offense (not the mike d’antoni stuff from this year)

Jay Wright: Motion Offense notes

Out of Bounds play: Zip Play

Kevin Pigott: Princeton Offense notes with diagrams

Australian Summer Improvement notes

Phoenix Suns: Offensive sets

Iowa Shuffle Zone Offense

Los Angles Lakers: Scouting Report from an actual NBA scout

Funadmentals of the Pick and Roll

Princeton coaches article

Good Gig or not article

Larry Brown and Gregg Popovich Friendship article

Rick Carlise: Interview article

Follow me Coach K article

How to praise an assistant article

High Energy Thad Matta article

 Techniques for getting the ball inside

Roy Williams: UNC Transition sets

Bill Grier: Gonzaga Defense

 Kevin Pigott: Princeton Offense notes with diagrams

Australian Summer Improvement notes

Phoenix Suns: Offensive sets

Iowa Shuffle Zone Offense

Steve Nash: Different workout from the other day

Basketball Drills: A pdf file which consists of 54 basketball drills. It has to be in the top ten of coaching notes that I have come across in the last year. It is a tremendous setup for a young coach or a older coach. It has tons of different ideas especially if you are a motion offense guy.

Ernie Kent: Man to Man offense / Transition game

Roy Williams: North Carolina Transition game

Steve Nash: His workout

Jim Boeheim 2-3 zone defense notes

Vance Walberg Defensive Philosophy

John Kresse: 2-2-1 press

John Kresse: 1-2-2 and 1-3-1 zones

Los Angeles Lakers: 1977 playbook

Indiana Basketball Playbook

Larry Brown: Indiana Pacers Practice Plan (1 page)

Bobby Hurley: Practice Plan (1 page)

Bobby Knight: Indiana Practice Plan (1 page)

Fran Franschilla: Practice Organization notes

George Raveling: Junior Nike Practice plan notes

Open Post Offense notes

UCLA offense: It is on powerpoint and it might be the best looking notes that I have received in a very long time. 

Shuffle Offense

Mike Dunlap: Defensive Philosophy

Hubie Brown: Techniques and Strategies

Don Meyer: Coaching clinic notes

John Beilein: Michigan clinic notes that are typed and have diagrams.

Ramsey: Basketball conditioning program (1 page)

Diamondback Football program

(I had a coach that went to Europe and traveled through France and Spain and went and watched the best leagues in those two countries. It is a collection of great stuff)

France Pro League stuff

Spain Pro League stuff

Spain Pro League: Scouting notes from it. (Great Stuff)

Jim Boeheim 2-3 zone defense notes

Vance Walberg Defensive Philosophy

John Kresse: 2-2-1 press

John Kresse: 1-2-2 and 1-3-1 zones

Los Angeles Lakers: 1977 playbook

Indiana Basketball Playbook

European Multiple Defense

SMU: Half Court Shooting Drills

European Offenses: 4 different offenses

European Pick and Roll Defense

Portorico Scout offense (European offense)

Don Meyer: Creating Turnovers with selective trapping

Teacher’s Influence: a big file on how teachers influence the kids. Good stuff

Mike Dunlap: 1-1-3 zone defense

Mark Turgeon: Texas AM Secondary Break (tremedous stuff….)

Todd Lickliter: Butler Offensive sets (Tremendous stuff…. great sets.)

Pete Gillen: Developing a post game

Open Post Motion offense: great detail

Iowa: Press Break

4 out, 1 in motion offense: Great detail to the notes

1-1-1-2 Conceal Press defense: great detail to the notes.

Jere Quinn (St. Thomas Prep): Philosophy of Coaching

Gregg Popovich: How to Scrimmage

Own the lane Post workout

Dave Leitao: NABC clinic notes

North Carolina: Complete conditioning workout observation

Orlando Magic Summer league observations and Purdue Preseason workout

Indiana WNBA Fever Practice observations

Jerry Petitgoue: Youth Practice workouts

Mike Dunlap: 1-1-3 Matchup zone defense (great stuff)

John Saintignon: Pass-option secondary break (Tremendous resource)

Double Pump Clinic: notes from this fall (really good stuff from Division 1 and NBA coaches)

Wisconsin Green Bay: clinic notes

Bob Huggins: Open Post notes with Diagrams

Bob Huggins: Open Post notes without Diagrams

Italian 2003 clinic: Wheel offense (50 pages worth)

International NBA Clinic: Belgrade 2002 clinic

Post player moves and skills notes

Dick Bennett: Defensive concepts

Coach K: Basketball Thoughts

Rick Pitino: Ball Defense

Mike Brey: Offensive footwork

Steve Hawkins: Man Defense

Cheryl Burnett: Scramble Defense

Jim Boone: Packline Defense and Motion offense, war drill too

LaSalle Academy: Big Men workouts

Princeton Offense: Twenty rules to make it work

Don Meyer: Things that we have to learn

NBA EuroLive Tour: playbook

Larry Gipson: Motion Offense notes

Pete Carril: Princeton High Post Offense

Rick Majerus: Half Court Man to Man Defense

Flex Ball Screen Offense

“Zip” out of bounds play (only one play)

Will Rey: Combination Defenses

Larry Shyatt: Face Guard Defense

Vance Walberg: Vance Walberg Nation Offense handouts

Art of Defense

Mike DeVillivis: Mini clinics

Bullets Open Post Offense

Australian “AIS” conditioning plan

Joe Scott: Denver Basketball clinic 2007

Ganon Baker: Fiba article on the “Lost art of the Jumpshot”

Business Leadership book: Five Dysfunctions of a team summary

Hoopsource: Basketball Drill Sheet

Coach K: 1988 Basketball Clinic (Great stuff)

Triangle and Two defense

A Bunch of Set Plays

A Bunch of Continuity Zone offenses

Oliver Purnell: Team Chemistry

Kevin O’Neill: Priority Man to Man Defense

Jeff Van Gundy: Basketball Clinic when he was with the New York Knicks (Good Stuff)

UNC Practice Plan: 10-19-07

Tom Crean Coaches Packet (Job interview stuff – to get a job

7 Great Pressure releases for any offense (one page)

LMU Break (notes typed with diagrams)

Motion versus zone (one page)

Don Meyer: 1-1-3 matchup zone

Kelvin Sampson: 1-4 offense notes

Blaine Taylor : 14 options for Transition Game

Warrior Drills

Leadership Summaries 2

John Beilein: Michigan Coaching clinic notes

Stan Van Gundy: We Play Hard Clinic: Pick and Roll Offense (Most detailed notes in a while) (24 pages in detail with diagrams)

Steve Smith: Oak Hill Defensive notes

Lason Perkins: Offensive set notes

Don Meyer: NSU shooting camp / practice

Team Arete: General Thoughts

Transition : To Flex Offense

Pete Gaudet: Post man notes

Paul Hewitt: Georgia Tech Motion offense (general notes)

Leadership Book Summaries

Xavier/ Wright State / Dayton practice notes

John Calipari / Larry Brown Coaches clinic retreat

Executive leadership summaries (Leadership articles)

Georgia Tech Inbounds plays

Dennis Felton: New Georgia motion offense concepts

Kelvin Sampson: Coaching clinic notes

Leadership articles published by Basketball Sense

Mike Dunlap: More coaching notes

Pete Newell/Mike Dunlap: Coaching clinic notes

Mike Dunlap: Offensive transition notes

Mike Dunlap: Footwork warmup

Dick Bennett: Blocker/Mover offense

Bill Parcells: Finding a way to win

Mike Dunlap: Combination of Mike Dunlap Coaching clinics / a touch of stuff with Vance Walberg at the clinic.

Ralph Miller: Pressure Basketball

Football Coaching Matters: Collection of notes from various football coaches

Hal Wissel: Basketball ShootingBasketball ShootingLead-up DrillsBasketball Shooting MechanicsCatch and Shoot JumpBehind the Ball or Step InCorrecting Errors in ShootingFree Throw ShootingMental Practice Perfect ShotShooting Off DribbleShoot-Out Drill.Step Back Jump Shot Off DribbleBW Shooting Chart DailyHook Shooting by HWBW Shooting Chart Monthly

Greg Popovich: my favorite drills

Herb Welling: The Dribble Motion offense and Building the dribble motion offense

Jerry Wainwright: Game Situations (slobs, blobs, and coaching) (Great stuff)

Steve Smith: Oak Hill Drills

Kevin Sutton: 26 Skill Developement Drills

Jamie Dixon: Pitt notes (2 pages)

Tim Miles: Triangle offense notes

Tubby Smith: Notes on Black/White press (When he was at Georgia)

Skip Prosser: Matchup Press

Bill Walsh: Various articles and notes that offer some coaching nuggets….

John Beilein coaching notes

Double Pump Coach’s clinic notes from LA, California (summer 2007)

Oak Hill Academy’s 40 series: Man Quick Hitters

Jay Wright: How to teach the Motion Offense system (It came from Villanova’s basketball staff)Jay Wright: Breakdown Drills for 4-out, 1in motion offense

Jay Wright: 4-out, 1-in motion summary

Vance Walberg clinic at Rocklin (Another set of notes)

Vance Walberg: Half court defense (1page)

Mike Dunlap: 2-2-1 press

Emporia State: Point Zone article

Vance Walberg: Rocklin Coaching clinic notes

Mike Dunlap: Defensive Philosophy notes

Tim Floyd: Playing without size clinic notes

Vance Walberg Defense: Full Court Press notes

Vance Walberg: Mid-South Clinic notes from Tunica

Nike Clinic 2005 notes with diagrams

Nike Clinic 2006 notes with diagrams

Nike Championship Coaches clinic (sept. 2006)

Bruce Weber: 20 essential defensive drills

Bruce Weber: Motion Offense

Patrick Hunt: Motion offense

New York Coaches clinic presentation (one page)

Bobby Knight: Motion offense

Steve Alford: Drills for Motion offense

Fran Franchilla: Hoops 101

Bill Self: KU Press Break notes

Joe Ciampi: 1-1-3 matchup zone notes

Dave Leitao: Attacking 2-2-1 press

Mark Few: Flex for Success

Mike D’Antoni: Coaching notes

Barnigini Develoment work from FIBA magazine

MB Clinic 2001: Oliver Purnell, Paul Hewitt, Dr. Tom Davis, etc….

Kevin Eastman Individual workout camp

UNC Wilimington Clinic notes: (Brad Brownell, Jerry Wainwright, Tubby Smith)

Coaching Wisdom to Ponder notes

Billy Donovan Post Development drills

Thad Matta Clinic notes

Xavier Newsletter (from Sean Miller) couple articles, X’s and O’s.

Arizona Women’s Program study

Arizona Men’s Program study

Gary Waters 3 out 2 in motion offense

Kelvin Sampson coaching clinic

Coach K coaching notes

Phil Martelli Practice organization notes

Sherri Coale Motion notes

Pat Summitt Baden clinic notes

Mark Few Individual Improvement notes

Kelvin Sampson, Skip Prosser, Lon Kruger, Renee Portand at a Nike Clinic

Jim Harrick Program at Georgia (practice plans, offense, 2-3 defense, transition defense, etc.)

Collection of one page notes: (Kevin Eastman 6 musts, Bobby Hurley pg play, Missouri Leadership page, Kim Mulkey Robertson ideas)

Basketball Sense: Vol 12, number 3 and 4

Collection of great notes: (Dick Davey flex, Tom Crean: building a program, Steve Smith: secondary break, etc)

Billy Donovan article from Basketball sense

Bobby Knight (Baden clinic)

Stan Heath (Baden Clinic)

Dave Odom Clinic Notes (Pressbreak)

Skip Prosser clinic notes (Wake Forest Head coach at Dematha clinic)

Todd Lickliter clinic notes (Butler Basketball)

Basketball sense Vol 12, Number 2

Bill Self: Pressbreak

Lady Vols clinic with Pat Summitt (Her whole philosophy)

Lawrence Frank: How to build a motion offense (when he was an assistant with Kevin O’Neill)

Kevin O’ Neill : Wing Skill Development

Kevin O’ Neill: Drills

Kevin O’ Neill: Individual Skill Development (This note is done by Coach Sfera)

Dean Smith : Run and Jump Press

Dean Smith: 4 corners delay game

Kevin O’Neill: 3 out 2- in, motion offense (When he was at Tenn.)

Kevin O’ Neill: Secondary Break

Kevin O Neill: Shell Drill Handouts (great information in it)

Kevin O’ Neill: Program Facts (Ideas on his offensive and defensive program)

Press Break: 3 simple diagrams (Press break, Simple Press break for late in the game, Domino Press break)

Kevin O’ Neill: Defensive Thoughts

Kevin O’ Neill: Press offense

Kevin O’ Neill: Match-up zone

Kevin O’ Neill: Motion offense

Kevin O’ Neill: Man Set Plays

Kevin O’ Neill: Zone Offense

Kevin O’ Neill: Post Skill development drills

Al Skinner: Boston College Flex offense and secondary break into Flex offense

Xavier newsletter: (newsletter that Xavier University sents out. It is cool)

UNC Transition game notesUNC Practice plan for one day

David Loos: Hi-Low motion game and entries

Muffet McGraw: Spread Triangle

Tara Vanderveer: Stanford’s triangle offense

Jim Larranaga: More Scramble defense stuff

Grinnell system: How it works

Grinnell system: Power point presentation (Awesome design)

Jim Larranga Notes with diagrams

Detroit Pistons Training camp notes

Tom Crean: Individual Workout notes

Pat Summitt: Notes from clinic in 2006

Michigan State Program notes: set plays and out of bounds plays

Georgia Tech: Point Zone Defense

Georgia Tech: Individual workouts

Greg Brittenitam (New York Knicks) – Individual conditioning drills

Jerry Krause (Gonzaga ): Becoming a coach of significance

Mike Dunlap: Colorado Coaching academy

Bruce Pearl : Cutter’s series( his modified flex offense), Individual Improvement drills, Vols strength and conditioning program

Flex offense: Different types of them

Georgia Tech: Zone Offense

Georgia Tech: Secondary Break

Georgia Tech: Individual Defense

Georgia Tech: Matchup-press

Georgia Tech: Motion Offense

Nike Clinic 2006: Lorenzo Romar, Trent Johnson, Tubby Smith, Bruce Weber, Gary Williams, Tim Floyd, and etc. (No Diagrams)

Loyala Marymount Fastlane system

Grinnell Offensive system

Don Meyer Clinic 2006

Don Meyer Free Fall Clinic 2006

Don Meyer: Developing your post players

Pete Carril: Princeton Backdoor offense (English version from a clinic in spain)

Bill Foster: University of Miami “Philosophy

Don Meyer Clinic at Oak Ridge2006

Fresno City College handout (Vance Walberg) – mainly repeat stuff, but some new stuff on it.

That is just a sample of what is on our website.  If we don’t have something that you would want then we will find it for you in 48 hours.  We have a HUGE network of basketball coaches that will help you out.

Take a look at us,

Coach Peterman

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