Plyometric Exercise For Winners

July 27, 2009


Plyometric training is growing in popularity because of the many benefits. Plyometric exercise can greatly increase your speed and explosiveness in movement. This will give the competitive athlete an enormous edge over his competitors. There are very few exercise program as effective as plyometric training, even for the non competitive athlete, they benefit with enhanced physical conditioning.

Plyometric training is simply exercises involving jumping in order to enhance certain muscle developments of speed and explosiveness. Even though jumping does help strengthen your legs muscles, there are other factors needed to increase vertical jump abilities. Besides the legs, the rest of your body also need to be challenged to enhance the full body workout. Thats why plyometric exercises are necessary to get the full benefit in jumping higher.

The key word here is intense. Plyometric exercises center on the development of explosive movements in order to enhance muscular power. That is why most plyometric training programs are high intensity workouts. They are not really intended for novices or people out of shape. As such, the do not have the wide appeal that something along the line of low impact workouts. However, those that do take part in plyometric training will discover an enhancement of their attributes they never though possible.

There are many different exercises one can perform. Often, they center on jumping onto, off, or over an object. A simple plyometric exercise could involve jumping up onto a chair and then jumping off of it. This could be repeated for many reps in order to fatigue the muscles into growing. Of course, a chair is one example as many different objects can be used in a plyometric workout. Also, it is not always necessary to jump up and down. Lateral movements are popular as well and are integrated into many different workout strategies. Over time, this will lead to the explosive power needed to succeed in competitive sports. It will also help the body develop a uniquely muscular appearance.

But, is it possible at all to devise a lower intensity plyometric workout? If you lower the distance needed to jump and cut down on the number of reps, you can craft a low intensity workout. However, the true benefit with plyometrics is found in the high intensity training. As such, picking up your training several notches is recommended when exploring plyometric exercises.

It is also important to listen to your body when you exercise. If you notice your knees becoming achy, take a break. Do not push yourself more than you are capable and allow your body time to recuperate. This will ensure your plyometric training is safe and effective.

Yes it is possible to learn how to jump higher, and plyometrics is one of the keys to your success.

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