Power Up your Vertical Jump Quickly with these Exercises

August 3, 2009


Successful basketball players can connect their popularity to the high jumps they’ve had and the dunks they’ve made that’s why more and more basketball players are now encouraged to increase their jumping power. In a basketball game, having high vertical leaps is really an advantage that’s why players will follow every tip they see just to maximize their jumps. This article will leave points on How to Increase Vertical Jump.

Warm Up. A proper warm up is essential to every workout or exercises because the whole course of the entire exercises will greatly depend on. To start the process, you can do stretching on the following body parts: neck, arms, hips, thighs and feet. You can also do some jogging or jump rope for your heart’s benefit. Running up and down the stairs is also a good way to tone your thigh muscles. You’ll need these muscles in performing vertical leaps hence toning it is very vital.

Vertical Jump Exercises. Performing certain exercises particularly designed to maximize vertical leaps are needed to enhance your jump. Most are simple enough that you can do it anytime and anywhere.

1.    Deep Knee Bend – This exercise tones your leg muscles. You need to start the exercise by standing straight. Bend your knees slowly keeping your back straight and deflect as far as you can go. Repeat the same process for fifteen minutes but gradually increase it in 20, 30, 40 and so on as you go along.

2.     Toe Raise. Like the first exercise, this also goes in a standing position. Balance one foot by raising your heel on your other foot until only the point of your toe supports it. Do this on another leg and repeat the procedure in 30 to 50 counts.

3.    Stomach Crunches. A variant of stomach crunches greatly varies from the typical or regular sit ups. You must lie on the floor and raise your shoulders of the floor. Do this for 10 minutes in the morn and for another 10 minutes at nighttime.

Suffice to say, achieving a dream needs a constant reminder that you can’t do it in a fast-track. In basketball stardom you need patience, perseverance, determination and Vertical Jump Programs that will definitely work for you or specifically designed for you. Armed with these, you’ll have a better chance of making it big in a professional basketball team!

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