Sports Betting Guru Wins 97% of the Time. 80-1 Nba Sports Picks Betting Record

June 14, 2009


Ronald Paulding Jr. asked:

Sports betting is an interesting discussion for most. It’s been around for quite some time and people have lost a lot of money doing it. Well what if I told you that you could win 97% of your sports bets? Would that peak your interest? I’m sure it did so let me continue. I recently stumbled on one of those products hyping some guy up about how you could get the top picks to win in NBA & Baseball sports betting….. 97% of the time! Get this.. So naturally I thought, “yeah right.” But being the inquisitive person I am I decided it would be worth a shot since I enjoy betting here and there anyway.

So I ordered the info and without giving up too much info was pleasantly surprised…well more like…Shocked! This guy is some sort of genius or something, really he is. I guess when you’re good you’re good, well in this guy’s case he’s amazing. I have since won quite a bit of money sports betting for myself and it’s been a great blessing for me and my family, I’m sure they’ll vouch for that, Lol. I won’t bore you with a sales pitch or anything because I’m not the author of the program I just wanted to spread the word to all my fellow sports bettors out there who’ve lost money before that if you bet on the NBA or Baseball then this is a no-brainer. Check it out for yourself because it’s nothing compared to the money you’re already spending on betting I’m sure, especially if you’re on a losing streak. I won’t waste much more of your time with this so get the best sports betting picks around through the link on my sig. See you at the top! Check out the full story at

If you’re into sports betting already then you really have nothing to lose with this. I hope it changes your life for the better too. I’ve made more money off of this to probably retire early at this rate! I’m excited for what the future holds for ya. Have fun.

P.S. His MLB record is 43-0 as of 9/12/08 if you’re into baseball. This guy is ridiculous!

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