The Jump Manual Review

July 30, 2009


Increasing your vertical jump has great interest among basketball, football, and volleyball players. The frustrating part is to know what program to pick or which one really works.

Following are the reasons why the Jump Manual is the best program for increasing your vertical jump.

The creator of the program, Jacob Hiller, has been developing this vertical jump training system for 8 years. Not only does it contains the latest developments in vertical jump training, but years of experience on what works. Jacob has helped hundreds of high school, college, and NBA players dramatically increase their vertical jumps using his simple and effective training methods.

Here is a quick list of the benefits of the program:

1. Multi-Faceted Approach

Jump Manual uses nine facets in his program designed to reach your goal faster. Many other programs do not include the multi-faceted approach, but usually focus on one or two facets.

2. Step-by-step Videos

Unlike most programs, which are very difficult to understand, the Jump Manual is very simple to follow.  The program comes with videos for all exercises making it more helpful it is to understand how to perform an exercise by watching a step-by-step video of the exercise instead of just reading about it.

3. Regular Updates

As a customer, you will get regular updates to the jump training program. You will also get many cool bonuses for free, like an interview with one of the top basketball shooting coaches in the world.

Very Easy To Follow

Difficult concepts like plyometrics and weight-training exercises are explained very well in the book. With the step-by-step videos, the program is extremely easy to follow.

5. One-on-One Coaching

This is probably our favorite part of the program. You really feel special when you buy the Jump Manual, because you get personal help whenever you need it. Other vertical jump programs hype themselves up so much, but once you buy the program, they ignore you completely. With the Jump Manual however, you get a free month of unlimited email coaching from Jacob Hiller himself. This is great, because you get to personally talk to the worlds top vertical jump trainer anytime you want. This by itself is worth the price of the program because mentoring is one of the keys to every athletes success.

6. The Program Is Based On Proven Scientific Principles.

Jacob Hiller, an experienced and certified athletic trainer, clearly explains everything you need to do to obtain a 40-inch vertical, and if you follow his proven principles, you will get the results you want. He uses real training principles to help you get the results you want, so there is no need for hype or anything.

Unbelievable Guarantee

The Jump Manual has an incredible guarantee: you get a full refund, if you do not gain at least 10 inches in your vertical jump.

8. Verifiable Testimonials

The Jump Manual is the only program that offers verifiable testimonials (Watch this video of a 5’5″ boy easily slam dunking a basketball).

The Conclusion

The Jump Manual is easily the best vertical leap program online. I highly recommend this program for any athlete that is serious about learning how to jump higher with lasting results. Not only is the program safe and easy to perform, it is the only program in the market that offers personal coaching.

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