What is a Jump Program?

August 6, 2009


Vertical Jump Manual Review.

Lets cut to the chase right now…For the money the Jump manual is probably the best vertical training system around. Its thoroughly researched and it’s scientific approach to diet and exercise goes beyond other programs and its author has taken on board its’ previous misgivings, listened to the critics and produced a superior product. Check it out here: Vertical Jump Training Program.

It has been developed by trainer Jacob Hiller who has taught high school, college, NBA, and Olympic athletes as well as pro dunkers. He has been developing vertical jump explosion techniques for over ten years and training coaches and athletes to maximize their potential. He is so sure of the Jump Manual that he promises to add between 10-25 inches to your vertical or give you double your money back!!! This along with the unlimited one-on-one email coaching that is still available for a limited time, it makes this a great program.

Hiller thinks most trainers don’t know how to teach athletes effectively so the Jump Manual concentrates on 9 specific aspects combining agility and strength to produce fantastic results. Check it out here: Jump Manual Review.

Here’s a sample of what’s included:

•    The testimonials alone are worth checking out.
•    Day by day workout charts with videos. 
•    Learn why Strength X Quickness = Explosion. 
•    Learn to use the “stretch shortening cycle (SSC)” to boost your performance. 
•    Learn the 9 facets of an incredible vertical. 
•    Learn why your recovery period is important
•    Access to the Elite jumpers forum. 
•    Unlimited one on one training 
•    60 day, 100% guarantee.

Is there a downside with this program? If you commit yourself to the routines then the easy answer is no. The money back guarantee and testimonials speak for themselves. The Jump Manual recognizes that many people fail due to a lack of determination and so there is exceptional support in the form of the “Elite Forum” and personal email support from the man himself.

All this makes the Jump Manual one of the best, most effective vertical systems available. A legitimate vertical Jump training program worthy of serious consideration if you’re in the game…Check it out here: Vertical Jump Program.

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