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August 24, 2009


Basketball Training - Advanced Finishing Moves

Vertical Jump Training The Right Way

In high school, I loved jumping. I wanted to be able to dunk from the free-throw line. I wanted to be able to put my elbow on the rim. I wanted to be able to fly, pretty much. But I was an average jumper, average talent-I wasn’t the worst, wasn’t the best jumper. And now I understand what had happened.  I’m going to explain to you a little bit about how the principles of correct vertical jump training work.

You see, what I was doing, and what you may be doing, is you might be training your butt off, but you might be training your jumping endurance. For instance, if you’re training yourself at a certain jumping level and most of your training occurs at this level, you’re basically training yourself to jump at this level a certain amount of times, or in other words, you’re training your jumping endurance.

Now what you need in order to jump higher than anyone else or to reach your physical jumping potential is you need to have explosion. And explosion is created in two ways, through the combination of strength and quickness. You can have one but not the other, and the formula will not work. But strength plus quickness equals explosion. So if you train your legs to react quickly and to move their force quickly, and you have a lot of strength, then you have explosion.

A Good Vertical Program Will Show You The Correct Way To Do Vertical Jump Exercises

For instance, a bodybuilder may have a lot of strength, he may be able to squat a thousand pounds. But this bodybuilder has to do it slowly with the rise up and down. That’s not going to create explosion.

Yoga is a great way to help to stretch any tight muscles and it could well be worth spending a little time to pick up some yoga stretching moves and use these as part of your training on vertical jump routine.

If you really wish to make improvements to your over all game and specifically to your basketball vertical jump, then you need to commit to a good exercise program. For more information there are always a number of excellent resources available to you on the internet

And now I’m at a level where I go to a gym when I play basketball, and people aren’t necessarily impressed by my skills, or by my shot, which is decent-it’s not as good as I’d like it to be, but every time I play basketball, people always ask me, “Hey, how did you learn to jump like that?” You want to understand how you can do it, so you can make an educated decision in your vertical training

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