2010 New York Mets Outlook 2-11-10

February 11, 2010


Any Mets fans out there?  Well, if you are then it sucks to be you.  But seriously, are the Mets ready for the 2010 season?  Did they do enough to improve their squad from last year that was so riddled by injury? No, no and no.

The Mets last season went into the year with high expectations and thoughts of a championship.  New York did in fact get that championship, it just wasn’t the Mets, it was their cross town neighbors.  To their defense just about everyone, including the bullpen catcher, ended up on the disabled list.  Now, teams should be able to overcome injury but the Mets seemed to have lost just about all of their key players for significant time at some point in the season.  So we give them a pass and head into the new season with our fingers crossed.

The Mets need a lot of things to go right in order for them to get back to the level that they are capable of playing.  First, speedster Jose Reyes needs to be back and healthy to set the table at the top of their lineup.  He is the catalyst for the New York Mets and they lost a lot when he went down last year.  He did leave with a hamstring injury that will raise red flags this year because speed is such an integral part of his game.

Next up, Carlos Beltran, who went against the organization this off-season to have another surgery on his knee.  He didn’t even clear the procedure with the Mets but that is all water under the bridge at this point.  He needs to come back and play the way he is capable of.  Thirty homeruns, .280 BA and 100 RBI’s: minimum.  With lights out defense in centerfield.  If they get this out of Beltran they will in fact receive a huge boost.

David Wrong.  I mean David Wright.  Last season seemed all wrong in the power department.  He is the ultimate gamer and he even took a stint on the DL last year after being plunked by a 90+ fastball right in the noggin last season.  He needs to regain some of that pop in his bat that seemed to all but disappear last year.

Carlos Delgado.  The guy can still play but the Mets and him have not come to any agreements.  He also left last season and landed on the DL.  If he can come back that will be huge for the Mets.  They cannot survive with D Murphy at first base.

The did add formidable Jason Bay and they do have the best starting pitcher in baseball as well as a dominant closer.  If they can fill their number two spot in the rotation with a viable option via trade, these players can come back healthy and the baseball gods look over them, they just might have a shot this year.

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