New York Yankees 2-20-10

February 20, 2010


Let me start by saying that I am not a New York Yankees fan.  In fact, I despise New York Yankee fans, I don’t like watching the New York Yankees make all of the trades that they do and I most definitely do not like anything about watching the New York Yankees win.  All that being said we have to agree to respect the way in which they conduct their business.  Let us be clear, the New York Yankees operate within the rules of baseball.  They do not break any of the rules in which the MLB organization has put into place.  They simply are willing to do things that other teams are not.  There are a lot of other great baseball organizations out there that just do not put as much money back into their team because they are looking for a profit.

The New York Yankees are concerned with only one thing, winning.  Many other organizations claim that this is their top priority but when push comes to shove the New York Yankees always get their man.  They are not afraid of their big contracts or the amount of money that it might cost to get the best players, they simply go out and get who they think will help them to achieve the ultimate goal of winning the World Series in October (actually now it often ends in November).

Now, I know that they have the most championships that any team has in any sport (yes, that makes me just as sick as you if you feel the same way I do) and therefore that creates a gigantic fan base which in turn generates more money for the organization to spend on the team that they put on the field.  But, how do you think that they got to this point? they got here by putting a winning product on the field each and every year since the mid 1990s.

The bottom line is that there are many other MLB teams who could open up their wallets to grab that extra player or two to make their team that much more competitive.  They simply don’t do it.  It is for that reason that the New York Yankees have laid out the perfect blueprint for how to run a successful organization and keep their fans happy.

The New York Yankees, love them or hate them, get the job done on a year to year basis and for that reason we must respect them as an organization.

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