Proposition Bets for Superbowl Sunday 2-7-10

February 7, 2010


Don’t know what a proposition bet is, yes you do.  These are all of the crazy bets that you are able to put in on this great day of sports gambling.  The coin toss, the under/over on Peyton Manning’s passing yards, will Kobe score more points that the Colts and so on and so forth.

They all sound great and exciting and some even look to easy.  Beware!  These types of bets are created for a reason and that reason is for you to  lose more money.  Now, I understand these bets can be fun and for the casual gambler betting 50 bucks here and there on a prop bet that is just fine.  But, if you are a heavy hitter like myself you will want to avoid these bets at all costs.  Stick with the game or the total.  No prop bets or teases and reverses.  Don’t get caught up with betting every quarter either.  If you really like this game either way then just have confidence in you side and go with it.

Most sports books will only let you max out at $500 per prop bet anyway, but that can add up quickly.  It can ruin a good day if you hit your side or make a bad day even worse.  If possible, just increase you wager on the actual game as opposed to getting caught up in all of the proposition bets.  Try to put a few dimes on the game and don’t spread yourself thin.

I have a gambling friend who always puts $1000 on the coin toss before the game even starts.  He describes it as a great rush but I just see that as idiotic.  If he hits it he is so pumped for the rest of the game but when he has lost his entire Superbowl Sunday has been ruined.

Again, these prop bet are fine for small players, but really what is the point.  Stick with the game itself and if you have a strong opinion, POUND IT!

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