Saints win the Superbowl: 2-8-10

February 8, 2010


Well, now we know, Peyton Manning is human after all.  All year on this site we have been praising him as the best quarterback on the planet, however, when push came to shove Drew Brees was the better quarterback on this day.   Manning made a very uncharacteristic pass late in the fourth quarter while trying to lead his team back to victory and the rest was history.  Real history as the New Orleans Saints won their first Superbowl victory in franchise history.  So, now that Drew Brees has his first championship we can officially take him off of the Tony Romo  and Phillip Rivers list and put him on the Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Ben Rothlisberger list. 

Brees is a great quarterback who now has a title to go with it.  What a game we witnessed though.  The Superbowl did not disappoint this year, unless you were a Colts fan that is.  Drew Brees and his supporting cast played flawless football.  The Colts played a good game but not good enough, in fact their play was not so much the problem, it was glaringly obvious that they were severely outcoached.

The onside kick in the beginning of the second half was brilliant.  The Colts were completely unprepared for it as if the coaching staff did not even prepare them for that possibility.  If you are the special teams coach that is part of your routine before kickoffs: “watch the on-side kick gentlemen”, or something along those lines.  It was simply brilliant.  Another coaching blunder came late in the first half while Peyton Manning was not even allowed to play football with a minute and a half left in the half the Colts ran the ball three consecutive times forcing them to punt and giving the ball back to the Saints.  The Saints then proceeded to kick a field goal right before halftime to gain more momentum.

How about the Saints kicker.  Kickers only get remembered for game winning field goals or for their misses.  However, Saints kicker, G Hartling kicked three tough 40 + field goals which not only provided 9 points but gave the Saints confidence in each drive that they touched the ball. 

Sean Payton was the MVP of this game as he outcoached the entire Colts staff and he should be commended for his performance.  Drew Brees has earned his due and will now be immortalized in New Orleans as the only quarterback to bring a title home to their great city.

The Saints win the Superbowl this year and we predicted that right here on the website.  It was an exciting year in the NFL with an equally exciting finish, hopefully you enjoyed the ride.

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