Superbowl Sunday 2-6-10

February 6, 2010


This Superbowl Sunday we will be in for a treat.  Both teams involved in the game are very exciting to watch.  The Colts have a nice blend of speed on both sides of the ball.  Their defense is very quick and we know all about Peyton Manning.   The Saints are very exciting as well.  Their defense has made big plays all season and their offense seems to be capable of anything.  This game has the making of a classic.  Their will be plenty of scoring with enough defense to keep it exciting from that perspective.

If Peyton Manning can lead his team to victory, and many across the nation do, that would be the third Superbowl title in four years for someone with the last name Manning.  That is unbelievable.  Peyton grew up as a Saints fan watching his father Archie who never had the supporting cast to take his team to the big show and now Peyton is staring down the team that he grew up cheering for.   the Manning family is truly amazing.  Imagine being the proud parents of both Peyton and Eli.  There are only thirty starting quarterback jobs in the world and their sons occupy two of them, that is simply mind boggling.

Back to the game though.  What makes Peyton Manning the best quarterback in the galaxy is his preparation and decision making as well as his ability to make adjustments from series to series.  Manning will have his hands full with the Saints defense but he should be able to manipulate their secondary enough to throw at least three touchdowns if not more.

As for the Saints, they seem to score at will and we expect a lot of that tomorrow as well.  Look for Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas to gain big yardage chunks to complement their lethal passing attack.

As a football fan you can’t ask for a better game to watch.  I know that having Brett Favre in the Superbowl might have been a bit more appealing but the Saints are truly a great team and deserve to be right where they are.

Will the trophy go back to Indianapolis for their second title in four years or will the great city of New Orleans be able to showcase their first Vince Lombardy trophy?  Watch and find out as this will be a game for the ages.

Our prediction:  Superbowl Sunday will be an instant classic so don’t miss a snap.

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