Tiger Woods Apologizes Publicly 2-19-10

February 19, 2010


On Friday Tiger Woods issued a public apology for his behavior that got him in so much trouble.  He apologized to his family,friends and to his fans.  The apology lasted for over thirteen minutes and seemed to come from his heart.  He did not seem quick to try to brush this under the carpet as we did not once hear from him that we need to move on and put this behind us.  He sounded like someone who truly wanted to right his wrongs, which we now know were many, and work on his “addiction” and make things right with his family.  (Don’t we all, us men, have an addiction to sex?  Oops, I was just thinking out loud)  His road to recovery involves sex addiction clinics and a long road of therapy to try to heal the wounds that he inflicted upon his family.  His public persona might never recover from this, only time will tell, but this apology could have only helped.    America is a very forgiving society and I am sure that if he makes things right with his family then he will be able to win over the public as well.

Now, my big question is how does he make this right with his wife?  I mean, I like Tiger and I hope he can do it and thence return to prominence on the golf course.  But, if he pulls this one off then he will have accomplished something even more amazing than anything that he ever did on the golf course.  How do you have sex with all of those women and make things OK with your significant other?  He needs to write a book about that if he pulls it off.   Personally I don’t see his wife ever truly forgiving him but I could be wrong.  Is she staying in it for the money,love, fame or a blend of the three?  Who knows?

Lastly, I do feel that his explanation of having a sex addiction is a cop-out.  I mean really, to proclaim this like it is some sort of legitimate excuse bothers me a bit.  He was banging a lot of hot chicks over and over again.  He cheated on his wife.  But, a sex addiction? I don’t buy it.  He thought that he was on top of the world and was invincible, not subject to the rules that all of us follow or are held accountable to on a day to day basis.  I know all about addiction and I love to have sex, but sex, I don’t believe, is one of the many things that I have ever been addicted to in my life.  Who knows and who cares, what I am looking forward to is to see how this really pans out.  I hope that for his sake he is back on the course shortly and reclaims his spot as the most dominant man in golf and sports as a whole.

Tiger Woods apologizes publicly today.  did you buy it? I did.  I like Tiger and hope he comes out of this alright.  I think that his apology to his friends, family and fans was genuine and not fake like so many of the other public apologies that we have heard in the past from professional athletes that have screwed up like Tiger.

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