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October 22, 2009


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Fantasy Football leagues have grown exponentially since their inception, and the 2009 season is looking like a killer. With competition heating up, the real fantasy football players will need to seize every advantage they can to make it to the finals. Here’s a short list of the fantasy football sites I’ll be logging onto this season for insider tips, management assistance and predicting competitors’ strategies.

What separates this website from the rest of the fantasy football prediction tools is that all the content and stats are generated by you. Personally, I’ve lost too much money buying into predictions from websites that do not work. Who knows how they’re compiling their information, and who knows how many thousands of other fantasy football players are reviewing that same information. With FanHandle, I can gauge my team before the games and adjust the line-up accordingly to get that win.

And here’s a tip to get you further on Finding the lowest margin of error for Points-Per-Touch and the lowest margin of error for Touches does not necessarily generate the lowest margin of error for Points. To get the most points, try moving the sliders away from the top. I’ve squeezed out some extra yardage from a half of a dozen players that way.

To explore this we looked across 10 random head to head Yahoo leagues and looked at how frequently a team wins their weekly match-up when their defense scores more than 10 pts. Of the 200 games we looked at 140 qualified, meaning one of the team’s defenses scored more than 10 pts. Amazingly in those games where a team’s defense scored more than 10 pts the winner held a record of 44-6 for an astounding win percentage of 88%. Numbers like that are very convincing – essentially if your defense can put up points more often than not you will get the win.

Now that we have established that a sound defense can make the difference between winning and losing, how important is it to draft a top ranked defense? Can you reach the holy grail of 10 weekly defensive fantasy points more consistently by playing match-ups than by drafting a solid defense? To look at this we took a look at the top 5 ranked defenses from pre-season live drafts and compared the performance of those units to the top 5 ranked weekly matchup defenses from weeks 1-4.

This site has a lot of great podcasts and articles from fantasy sports experts. Mike Whooley, Marc Caviglia, and Kyle Smith know what’s going on in online football, and they’ve made more than a few predictions in the past that have panned out. I listen to these guys on my way home from work, and depending on what they say, I have changed my roster, re-entered a draft, or even benched a player in my lineup before kickoff.

I discovered this website after seeing one of their videos on YouTube. The fee to access to their software is reasonable (.99 for the season), and the player profiles include a lot of details that you can’t find anywhere else. I tend to use the website more as a general guideline than a black-and-white playbook. Regardless, it’s a keeper for the educational tools alone.

Of course there are a wide variety of fantasy football tools available these days, everyone has a list of favorites. The most important thing to remember is to find free tools that are reliable and paid tools that are worth the investment. Figure out what tools and strategies work for you and use them to dominate your league

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