Soccer Coaching Drills – 3 Free Drills You Must Know

November 6, 2009


Soccer Coaching Drills

Let’s face it! Without incorporating free drills in your regular soccer coaching drills, it is difficult to envision a productive training session for your young players. It’s your duty as a coach to see that these drills are a part of the training sessions.

Controlling the Body: Controlling the body is a skill that is very important in soccer. You can put pressure on the challenger by showing immense control over your body in the field by cleverly yet easily taking the ball towards the challenger’s goal. So how do you ensure that each player has this basic skill? During soccer drills, involve all players in a very exciting game. What is required is that the players use any of their articles or accessories to make a tail and be a part of this amusing game. Then their mission is to catch each others tails while protecting their own. For the first few weeks, the game does not require the use of the ball. Stop using the superficial tails and start using the ball after your team has understood the message. Apparently, the soccer coaching drills will develop your players into stars, having dual talent of staying in control of your body and manipulating the ball.

Maintaining the ball in the air: Evidently, this drill has the effect of making versatile players. Make the players stand in a circle and you yourself stand the middle of the circle. Pass the ball from one player to another or to and fro between you and the players. Ensure that the ball stays in the air and does not touch the ground. Be very alert about the fact that players don’t use their hands in this activity. Employ only the head, feet, and knees. At the beginning, you can have them do this in big groups and eventually, introduce smaller groups. The benefits of such soccer exercises are many; for example, they learn to focus, coordinate, and also kick the ball effectively.

Responsiveness and action: This is one of several soccer training drills that allows the players to learn to react instantly and forcefully when kicking the ball. Tell the players to make a circle and stand with their backs to each other. Pick a player and order him to stand in the middle of the circle. This player will take a player’s name randomly and kick the ball at him. The player will then turn, reach for the ball and command the ball to the best of his abilities.

To wrap it up, these soccer coaching drills teach the players several new skills and also be in control of their mind and body. Soccer demands a great deal of involvement from the mind as well as body. So, you should use these exercises to help your players make the best use of both. You can learn several such useful tips by joining our youth soccer coaching community. This will not only help you sharpen your coaching skills but also give the best to your boys.

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