Dallas Cowboys Helmet

October 6, 2009


America’s most popular blue and silver star is probably the one on the Dallas Cowboys helmet. A Dallas Cowboys helmet is a great collection item for many fans, particularly if it is signed by one of the players. A peculiarity here is that the Cowboys are probably the only team in the NFL who add the player’s name under the vertical blue-white-blue decal on the helmet. The design of the Dallas Cowboys helmet was not always the same, and color variations can be traced back to the mid-70s for instance. At the time, the crown of the Dallas Cowboys helmet had a red-white-blue stripe instead of the usual blue-white-blue.

This change in the Dallas Cowboys helmet pattern was made to honor the United States bicentennial anniversary in 1976. There are situations when silver helmets can be used helping players send a certain message. Such a variation marked one game in the 1994-1995 playoffs when the absence of the star was meant to underline the league-wide ‘throwback’ policy. The modifications in the Cowboys’ uniform are an event that many people are eager to witness. Although rare, such happenings could become real news in the sports world.

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The pinnacle of any great collection, a Dallas Cowboys helmet is treasured by real fans. You can definitely boast with such an item particularly if it is signed. There are plenty of stores that sell authentic Dallas Cowboys helmet models, and you can recognize them by the certification as well as by the higher price. Many people who buy such items are interested in increasing their connection with the team since they come to belong to a group and identify with the Cowboys field ‘personality’.

A Dallas Cowboys helmet may thus give value to a collection and allow one to be pleased with personal achievements. Don’t be surprised if you see the silver-blue star on the Dallas Cowboys helmet on watches, jerseys, posters, socks and lots of other memorabilia. They become inspirational items and a wonderful means people use to show preference or express support. It is nevertheless a pity that a collection item will hardly get the chance to be worn in a game.

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