Dallas Cowboys History

September 16, 2009


The National Football League has been marked by the events in the Dallas Cowboys history, since this football club is probably one of the most successful in the American sports life. Founded forty years ago, the Cowboys have won five Super Bowls, and over eighteen division championships. Disputes, controversies, praise and admiration are part of Dallas Cowboys history and they cannot be neglected. With every match they play, the Cowboys add a new file or chapter to their story whether good or bad. Some of us love the Cowboys, others don’t, and this is not something to change soon!

history of dallas cowboys

Thanks to the very successful Dallas Cowboys history, this team is often called America’s Team, a nickname that lots of other teams aspire to deserve and get. The beginnings of the Dallas Cowboys were not at all smooth and peaceful, on the contrary, there was strong opposition against the Dallas Steers as the team was called back then. And there hasn’t been a stop to rivalries since then. The early and mid 60s brought tough challenges and significant events in the Dallas Cowboys history, but they finally started to head for success establishing themselves in the Texas community.

history of the dallas cowboys

The first Super Bowl appearance of the Cowboys took place under the leadership of quarterback Craig Morton. The popularity of the team continued to grow, and Dallas Cowboys history became part of the national culture. The team welcomed new players and stuff members meant to increase the overall performance. Super Bowls X and XIII proved in fact how important the fresh contribution to the roster was. And at the end of the 70s, the Cowboys were rated as the most successful team of the NFL. The 80s then brought other victories in the division championships, but no Super Bowl during the decade.

dallas cowboys history

In the 90s Dallas Cowboys history is scattered with injuries, free agency and some disciplinary problems that affected the evolution of the team and its performance during the games. Even so, the team remained in the NFL top with most victories. Reputation does remain something that Dallas Cowboys cling to and don’t seem willing to give away without fight. Any other NFL team aspiring at rising up to their high performance should provide at least the same level of commitment and talent as the Cowboys.

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