Dallas Cowboys Stadium

October 6, 2009


Dallas Cowboys stadium is the largest domed venue of its kind in the world. Built in Arlington Texas, Dallas Cowboys stadium was designed to replace the former stadium that was in use since the early days of the Cowboys. The official opening took place on May 29th, 2009, and the stadium will house the home games of the team for the new NFL season. The architecture of the stadium pays homage to the former structure by mimicking a hole in the roof, in remembrance of the original Texas Stadium. The new Dallas Cowboys stadium serves for non-sports events too, such as concerts, shows and other cultural manifestations.

The Dallas Cowboys Stadium was built for impressive sums of money. Arlington officials have in fact increased several taxes in order to be able to support the building of the stadium. Car rental, hotel occupancy and city’s sales taxes became one or two percents higher for the only purpose of financially supporting the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. The National Football League also had a share in the contribution according to the policy that allows financing team stadiums. Lots of nicknames have been given by fans to the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium but most of them are very little known.

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As for architecture and design, it seems that the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium is beyond any criticism. Massive arches anchor the stadium at each end, the retractable roof makes events possible no matter the weather and the glass doors allow easy access at each end zone. The huge video display hung in the middle of the stadium is the largest high-definition (HD) screen available in the world, therefore, visibility is impeccable. The scoreboard is a lot larger too. With 3,000 square feet bigger than the former scoreboard, Dallas Cowboys Stadium scoreboard now measures 11,520 square feet.

The Dallas Cowboys Stadium also includes a Hall of Fame level dedicated to the best American football team. Even if you are not a Cowboys’ fan you’ll still be impressed by the huge number of real life drawings and the quality of the design. The 2011 Super Bowl will be housed by this facility, but until then, the Dallas Cowboys Stadium is expected to be used on very numerous occasions, for a wide range of activities. From music concerts to cultural shows and exhibitions, there are lots of things we can expect from the new Arlington venue.

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