Dallas Cowboys Training Camp

October 8, 2009


San Antonio is a favorite location for the Dallas Cowboys training camp, and every team fan visiting this area would be thrilled to take part to some of the events that are organized on the camp premises. NFL training camps are an important part of the summer tradition, and the luckiest are those fans living in the neighborhood of the practice fields.Fans thus get the chance to watch their favorite players even during the training camps and the pre-season period, enjoying a different kind of show than they would in a real game. Training improves strategies and improves the bond between the team members, which can be something really interesting for any fan.

The Dallas Cowboys training camp lasts for a few weeks and it corresponds to the official NFL regulations. Besides this summer activities, there are other off-season sessions meant to give teams a chance to improve their organizational level. The advantage for the team is that they can improve strategies, help new players develop their skills and learn how to play within the team. Besides the Dallas Cowboys training camp, new NFL players also have to take part to lectures and seminars organized in June and July every year.

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The advantages of the Dallas Cowboys training camp are manifold. Acclimating new team members and even coaches is the main objective of the training. Weather is also relevant for practical purposes since the hot July days prepare the players for harsh game conditions. There is a lot of work required because the starters have to get in shape while the team veterans have to keep theirs. Pseudo-games and practice sessions are organized daily in the first part of the Dallas Cowboys training camp.

Then, there follow pre-season games, drills, weight training and meeting with coaches. During the second half of the Dallas Cowboys training camp, the team plays against various other opponents in not-for-the-record exhibition matches meant to fire spirits for the official season. This period is very popular with team fans and players alike. It brings lots of opportunities to stay in good shape, put tactics into practice and identify possible mistakes that could be serious errors during the championship as such.

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