Dallas Cowboys – Who Is Who In Football

October 5, 2009


For the National Football League and American popular culture, Dallas Cowboy football achievements are a great thing. With a 40-year history, Dallas Cowboys have had numerous participations to the Super Bowl, with five victories, many successes in the division championship and nationwide recognition. In the fall of 2008, Forbes Magazine described Dallas Cowboy football team as the most valuable sports franchise in the US, occupying a second world position after UK’s Manchester United. The many victories in championships and overall seasons make the Cowboys’ Hall of Fame’s pride.

No other American team has a higher number of appearances in the Super Bowl than the Cowboys, nor can anyone boast with three Super Bowl victories in four years. The toughest and most famous adversary of the Cowboys are the Pittsburgh Steelers the team that leads in the NFL top of Super Bowl victories. In  nation’s eyes, there are lots of things that make the Cowboys special, and here we do not refer to the uniform and the team logo. Although these function as popular symbols recognized and used as memorabilia, the Ring of Honor is a lot more relevant for the matter.

When a valuable Dallas Cowboy football player retires, his jersey number is preserved. Famous numbers are kept inactive and part of the Ring of Honor. 8, Aikman, 22, Staubach, 88 Hayas or 74, Irvin, are relevant examples here. Controversies have always appeared about which Dallas Cowboy football player ought to be in the Ring of Honor, as it was the case with Lee Roy Jordan.

Such challenges are inherent to the management of a football club, but the Cowboys have little to complain about. The players, the strategies, the budgets, the championships, the training camp details, the matches and sponsorship issues are just a few of the realities in a Dallas Cowboy football life. Nevertheless, the press makes a habit out of focusing on certain subjects in particular, investigating players’ private and public lives without too many consideration.

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