Football Cleat Buyer’s Guide

October 25, 2009


When buying football cleats there are quite a few things to consider.

First, why do you need a cleat, well cleats are a necessary step in your playing equipment – even if you are only a weekend warrior. Football cleats present you superior traction when making cuts and jumping, but not every football cleats are made equal. Because cleats are made differently for different sports, but also position by position.

Next, let’s stress football cleats and what you must keep in mind when buying.

Shoe Style

Football cleats come in 3 different shoe styles: high-tops, mid-cut and low-cut. High-tops are only that… High. The shoe extends all the way above the ankle and provide extra support for side-to-side movement. Of course what you gain in support you might give up in maneuverability, so keep that in mind. Mid-cut football cleats don’t completely cover the ankle but they do give additional support. This style can be used by the skill players: running backs, wide receivers and defensive backs. Low-cut are cut below the ankle and are chosen due to their extreme light weight. They provide great maneuverability, but very little support. If you select a low-cut cleat you need around ankle braces as well.

Cleat Type

There are two style cleats: molded and detachable. The molded cleat is permanently linked to the shoe. This type can be worn on most any type of surface, and can double as a multi-purpose cleat. Detachable cleats are studs that’re screwed into the cleat and might be removed if the cleat is worn down or to insert a different size or shape of cleat. Typically detachable cleats are only worn on grass. Remember, if you select a detachable cleat you have to purchase the proper cleat accessory to remove the cleat studs.

Finally, irrespective what your position or skills, you may take a little while when select your football cleat. The cleat doesn’t make the player… But it is close.

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