How to Handicap Winning Football Picks

June 10, 2009


Michael Keneski asked:

The 2007 NFL and college football seasons are quickly bearing down on us and thus the handicapping season as well. Our professional handicappers have already been hard at work breaking down game trends and scenarios that will ensure another winning season, just like the 9 that came before it. It is a banner year for us due to the fact we are now in our tenth year of providing winning football, baseball, and college picks to our loyal subscribers. What makes us unique is the depth of analysis you receive week in and week out as we explain how we came up with the choices we made. Many websites out there are “claiming” that they are picking at a 75 percent clip and other absurd figures. The fact of the matter is that a great handicapping season is one where you top off at 60 percent, with a good season hovering between 55-57 percent. Our nine year run has yielded a success rate at 57 percent with BEST BETS coming in at 63 percent. This is a figure we are very proud of and one that we stand by. We post out results whether its good or bad unlike many other publications. We have built up a trust with our readers over the years and this has fostered a loyal following through and through. Our guarantee is that if you follow our disciplined approach to making selections, YOU WILL WIN! When all is said and done, our systems are proven winners and has made us a powerhouse in the handicapping world.

The art of handicapping sporting events is one that can be very frustrating to the amateur. Sure thing bets and locks end up flaming out and many are left wondering, “What went wrong?” The fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as a “lock.” We use the term “Strong Play” or BEST BET. We don’t try and make ourselves bigger than we are by going around saying “this is a lock” because any bettor will tell you there is no such thing.

The reason being is that the betting lines are designed to even out the sides in any type of contest. No matter how good a team is, the art of overcoming a point spread is one that knows no discrimination when it comes to efficiency. Year in and year out we see losing teams post winning records with the point spread which goes to show you just how unpredictable this venture is. As we stated before, our professional handicappers attack the point spread with years of experience behind them and with knowledge of what angles work and what doesn’t. A perfect example is the home underdog scenario that we have touted for years and only recently have seen word published on this. Home underdogs in the NFL have covered at a 60 percent clip over the last five years which is right in line with our success rate. This is just one of dozens of scenarios that we rely on to continually post winning year after winning year.

On top of our handicapping prowess, we have delved into the world of fantasy sports by hiring expert analysts who know the games inside and out. Our experts have each played in the Las Vegas Fantasy Baseball/Football Invitational and thus their in-depth information is something that can’t be missed. Each week our experts write daily articles on hot/cold players via the FANTASY STOCK WATCH. This will update you on key players and their fantasy value throughout the weeks of the year. We also review each game from a fantasy perspective and examine break out players to determine who is a find and who is a fluke. On Fridays, we send out our weekly Fantasy Football Game Analysis which delves into each game and examines the fantasy prospects of each key player in the respective contest. We tell you who to play and who not to play so that you have the best chance to win your matchup.

Good luck!

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