Is Fantasy Football Wagering a skill and not luck?

October 6, 2009


Fantasy Football, if cash is wagered and on the line, improves the enjoyment of the sport for people that are serious about it. Winning a weekly fantasy football battle is great.

Serious players find the fantasy football draft the most fun part of fantasy football. The weekly head to head draft really is a talent and only a serious fantasy football enthusiast can understand the thrill of picking players one by one based on the unpredictable picks of their friends. You have to be quick on your feet and know which players to pick up on any given week, which schedules are weak, etc. etc.

Imgaine if every week you could redo your head to head fantasy football draft with your friends and wager real cash each time. It does not have to be a bunch of money, but enough to make it interesting for you and the other players.

This is more challenging because the thrill of drafting players is every week and keeps it new and fresh. A top player gets hurt? You do not have to give up the whole season for an injury to your best player – you just wait until the following week and choose the the hot fantasy players that are healthy.

Head to head fantasy football has gotten very easy with a new site called You go head to head against a small group and collect winnings when you crush the competition. For people that like drafting every week, this is the ultimate fantasy football experience. It is not fantasy football with some weak auto-draft at all because you know that the more you know about every detail of players, conditions, teams and injuries that all effect the outcome of fantasy football scores. Of course there is some chance in the whole thing. A player can have an off day or get arrested, but there is a lot that the skilled player can plan for.

Your skill in fantasy football can assist you against friends and help you win real dinero if you choose to place a bet in a website like Draft Zone. You will experience a whole new fantasy football experience.

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