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October 5, 2009



The Mitchell and Ness company has become renowned over the last decade for their work producing high quality, authentic throwback jerseys. However, the company itself has been around for over 100 years and now produces a wide variety of sports apparel and clothing beyond vintage throwbacks. Mitchell and Ness has now become one of the most well respected and popular sports clothes manufacturers and retailers in the world.

History of Mitchell and Ness

Mitchell and Ness, officially Mitchell Ness Nostalgia Co was founded in 1904 in Philadelphia. From its original origins of a small sporting goods store, it wouldn’t take long for Mitchell and Ness to be supplying local leagues and teams for their actual jerseys.

From the 1930s all the way through the 1960s, Mitchell and Ness made the jerseys for the Philadelphia Eagles. In the latter stage of the 30’s Mitchell and Ness started making uniforms for the Phiadelphia Athletics and not long after that the Philadelphia Eagles. The business spread to local outlets and high school teams.

The organization transformed itself in a retail business. With a perhaps too quick and too vast expansion, the company almost collapsed in the early 80s. All of the stores were shut besides the now famous one in downtown Philadelphia was shutdown.

The entire world of retro jerseys would be chanaged forever when a chance encounter resulted in someone needing a classic flanner and wool baseball jersey repaired. Few would realize at the time that this meeting would change the entire sports apparel segment. Moving into the unventunred segment of vintage clothing, Mitchell and Ness manufactured retro baseball jerseys in the later years of the 80’s. They painstakingly researched and recreated jerseys from decades past to produce top quality, vintage throwback jerseys.

It was a new concept, and not even the company could expect the rapid rise to the fame the business would head towards a decade later. From there, as we say the rest is history, with M&N making throwback garments with major licenses with the National Football League, NBA, NHL, NCAA and Major League Baseball.

The Throwback Jersey Makes A Return

Mitchell and Ness moved to the forefront of the sports clothing world with the soaring popularity of throwback jerseys. In the mid to late 90s vintage jerseys that were no longer being used by teams became highly popular. These garments were so well liked as the showecased the great players of generations gone back, but also some of the awesome fashion styles. For example, the San Diego Chargers “baby blue” football jerseys and the Houston Astros jerseys with the huge orange and brown striping on the front are two examples of jerseys that are popular just for the way they look.

Throwback jerseys were being purchased by the dozens by popular singers, performers and athletes. They didn’t have to be fans of a team to wear a throwback, you just had to like the style or like the player. This would only add to the already pouplar and vast range of the throwback piece, instead of the current jersey which would normally only be bought by fans of a certain team.

When you slip on one of these jerseys fans are immediately reconnected with their past, and great memories they had with the favorite teams and players. For the younger generation it is away for them to show respect to the greats of yesterday and show off fashionable styles. Mitchell and Ness, their throwback jerseys and now their full line of sports apparel is a force to be reckoned with.


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