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April 25, 2009


Kevin Luckerson asked:

Common Handicapping Mistakes

Nobody’s perfect right? However, in the field of sports handicapping a small mistake can cost you a fortune. Having said that, let’s breakdown the most common mistakes handicappers make during the course of the NFL season.

Mistake #1: Don’t get cocky!

This is the most common mistake that NFL handicappers make when predicting the outcome of games. Always make sure to perform a routine checklist before making your picks. Be sure to check the weather, the field conditions, the line, and the injury report EVERY time you make your play. Also, proofread your ticket!

Mistake #2: Don’t spend your entire bankroll on parlay tickets!

Many beginners, including myself at one time, love to spend tons of cash on parlay tickets. Parlays are fun and on occasion you will hit; however, the smart play is to mix up your parlay spending with moneylines.

Mistake #3: Don’t get swept away by popular opinion!

Vegas was not built on winners. Sports Books rely on popular opinion in order to tweak the spreads so that the overwhelming majority of people will lose their money by making the popular bet. Be very careful when listening to radio and tv for advice on your predictions.

Proven Techniques To Win

Take it from us. Pimpin’ ain’t easy….and neither is NFL handicapping. However, from our years of experience in the industry; we have learned what it takes to win consistently. Here are the best techniques that we have discovered through trial and error:

Technique #1: Do a thorough job of scouting quarterbacks for each team.

Quarterback play can mean the difference between a win and a loss. Make sure you scout

quarterbacks carefully before making your NFL prediction. Last year, we found the Falcons to be a volatile play because of their inconsistency at quarterback. On the contrary, the Patriots were a fabulous play because Tom Brady rarely committed turnovers…something to look for when playing a favorite.

Technique #2: Generate a list of playmakers and try to predict how many touchdowns they will score. This is a very valuable way to estimate overs and unders for NFL games. In addition, it can also help you predict the point spread winner for each contest. Make sure to take defensive matchups, field conditions, and the NFL injury report into account when forecasting each touchdown. Check fantasy football sites to get a better feel.

Technique #3: Stay away from inconsistent performers.

Don’t get burned by players who are “taking the fall.” We have documented evidence of players and teams who have purposely lost games for selfish reasons. Look for winners, not losers.

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