One of the Best Professional Sports Leagues

October 25, 2009


The National Football League is one of the best professional sports leagues out there. The NFL has a total of thirty teams of argueably the best athletes out there. There is a mix of larger men, speedsters, and thinkers. There are lots of ways to become a great NFL player; the biggest lineman does not always mean the best, and same goes for the fastest wide reciever.

The Giants are a favorite to win the super bowl this year, as they did two years ago, because they have a team lineup full of these kinds of players. Led by Eli Manning, the 0 million dollar QB, the Giants have played strong through their first 5 games, winning them all. They are in the top 5 of most statistical categories this year including passing, rushing, and defense. Their defense after losing Kenny Phillips is still top 5 in passing yards allowed. Even after losing Justin Tuck for a little bit, they are still number two in rushing yards allowed. Their passing game has emerged two wide receivers who were great in college in Steve Smith (USC) and Mario Manningham (Michigan). Ahmad Bradshaw has emerged as a great speedy running back which is a great change of pace to the bruiser back of Brandon Jacobs. Bradshaw can break long runs and is averaging nearly ten yards a carry which is absurd for a running back.

The Giants face a tough game this week against New Orleans but with the NFC East not doing to great, they should be easy favorites to win their division and then make it all the way through the NFC division to verse the AFC winner, who I will predict will be the Ravens to make a rematch of not so distant super bowl of the Giants vs. Ravens. The Giants will crush them and take home the Super Bowl title. My family can’t wait to route on the Giants in there next game. I even bought dog jerseys for my Rottweiler. He wears his jersey with pride, but some of my other friends bought their dogs a Cowboys dog jersey just to get to me!

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