The NFL Sunday Ticket With Direct TV DVR

August 12, 2009


Fall is my favorite time of year. No not just because of the cooler temperatures and the leaves on the ground, but because it is now time for some football.

The college football season is awesome because after two months of virtually nothing on TV as far as sports, suddenly you are drenched with dozens of games every weekend. Sure I can take in a baseball game live, but watching it on TV puts a man to sleep. At least the 2008 Olympics provided some sports action this year.

I love both the college and the pro games for several reasons. The passion involved in the college game is like nothing else. Every Saturday, hundreds of thousands of screaming supporters fill up local stadiums in an effort to help the home team to victory. With the increase of network television contracts, there are often great games on every Thursday and Saturday night as well. While I don’t really like the BCS system that is in place in the college game, one benefit to the arrangement is that every regular season matchup really matters. A college team may get away with one loss during the year, but if they want a shot at the title, then they cannot afford to lose twice.

The NFL is a different animal, but just as good in my opinion. Again the passion is amazing, especially in the great NFL cities like Dallas, Denver, Chicago, and Miami. What makes the NFL great for many fans is the advent of fantasy football. Sure some guys go a little overboard, in that they spend all of their free time evaluating their roster and proposing ridiculous trades to the other owners in the league. Just get started with the right set of guys and gals, then fantasy football makes all of the games much more interesting.

This fall I had to re-evaluate my TV, as Cox cable continued to let me down me as far at their service and pricing. Fortunately, I had a couple of choices, as AT&T cable service is now in my area, as well as satellite television. After checking into my choices, I found there are great satellite television deals going on right now. So then it became the old Direct TV vs DISH Network debate Being the football fan that I am, I just couldn’t pass up the DirecTV Sunday Ticket package that they offer. In addition, they offer new college football premium packages, including the Gameplan from ESPN. Overall, there is just more for your money when comparing satellite vs cable. Plus, you just can’t beat the DIRECTV DVR.

My spouse may not like that selection, but at least she will know where to find me, right in front of the television set this fall!

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